Love is our new reality

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The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie, October 14th, 2019

Emissaries to Earth–To Assist Gaia’s Planetary Ascension Process


Dear Arcturians

Please assist me to write another message for my Blog.


We, the Arcturians, are always happy to assist any of our “emissaries to Earth.” In fact, there are more and more “emissaries to Earth” every day. The reason for this is that we, your Galactic Family” are sending more and more of our fifth dimensional Galactic Family down to Gaia to wear a third-dimensional earth vessel.

We, your Galactic Family, are no encumbered by a third dimensional frequency earth vessel. However, we have NOT deserted our dear friends and family who have chosen to make the huge sacrifice of wearing a third dimensional body while still being aware of their Multidimensional SELF.

While wearing our Multidimensional Frequency of SELF, we are able to remember the reason why we chose to take an earth vessel within this NOW. However, once we are “born” into a 3D human, we usually forget from whence we came.

Fortunately, we are able to share with all who get this message that more and more members of what you call “humans” are beginning to remember that their third dimensional vessel is only temporary, as it will eventually be expanded/accelerated back into your true, fifth dimensional expression of “being.”

Many of you who are beginning to, or always can, remember flashes, dreams, memories and even  experiences of your innate higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

It is not that the ones who remember are more evolved, as every one of our brave volunteers to assist Gaia with Her very difficult “Planetary Ascension Process.” The process of the “now” in which each of you will fully be awakened was decided by your higher dimensional frequencies of SELF, who are often known as your Higher SELF.

Please remember that your “Higher SELF,” is the same being as your human self. The only difference is the frequency of vibration that you volunteered to assist before you took this incarnation.

Since your present “time” encompasses both the “Darkest Night just before Dawn,” as well as the conscious, or often a semi-conscious, component of your Fifth Dimensional SELF.

Your fifth dimensional SELF is often called your Multidimensional SELF, as it’s innate frequency of resonance is in the “ascension process” of expanding your physical, mental, and emotional bodies beyond their former third dimensional limitations.

You can see from your media that more and more humans are talking about Starships they have seen, amazing “dreams” that they have had, as well as communications with beings that they cannot perceive with their third dimensional perceptions.

The main change that has been increasingly occurring is that more and more humans are looking forward to Starships landing, Higher Beings speaking with them, as well as memories of a seemingly “parallel reality” in which they are on their Starship or their higher dimensional Home worlds, such as Venus, the Pleiades, Antares, as well as other  “higher dimensional worlds and/or realities.”

Of course, as Gaia’s human population is beginning to awaken to their true Multidimensional SELF, that are humans, often in leadership roles, who are desperately  trying to keep humans away from these higher dimensional truths. If these humans begin to remember their own Higher Dimensional SELF, they will be too difficult to control with their usually lies and fear tactics.

These old means of control are based on fear. But what is occurring, despite the dark ones many lies and frightening stories is that more and more humans are beginning to perceive, either in their sleep, meditation, or in daily life, that there is something else that is still “just beyond their daily perceptions” that is calling them.

At first this call may only occur while the awakening one is sleeping, but more and more, these “dream” occur just before they wake up. Therefore, these “dreams” are being “remembered.”

In fact, more and more humans are beginning to realize the these “dreams” are actually real events that are happening in frequencies of reality that are just beyond the third dimensional world of separation, individuality, limitations and fears that too often occur in their waking life.

However, those who are beginning to awaken AND remember their own higher dimensional sensations, are remembering “something.”  At first, they may  not know what that “something” is, because it is beyond their “normal way of thinking and/or feeling.”

Yes, much of the higher dimensional communications that are occurring within this NOW are about remembering a reality, could it just be a dream, in which their “normal life” is on Starships and/or other planets that have gone through their own “Planetary Ascension Process.”

These brave humans who have the courage to allow themselves to think in a fifth dimensional manner, are beginning to remember the fifth dimensional reality from which they came.

The are also remembering that they chose to take an earth vessel on Gaia within this NOW in order to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension Process. Of course, the first challenge that the “volunteers to diminish their personal frequency for their innate fifth dimensional SELF to a third dimensional self, who will be born with the same resonance as Gaia.

However, the ones who have been able to remember their true SELF, will also remember that they promised to “awaken” as many humans as possible to the TRUTH of their real Multidimensional SELF. We, the Arcturians, are happy to share that more and more humans are awakening to higher and higher frequencies of consciousness.

In fact, whereas, once the human brain was thought of the “holder of memories,” it is now realized that the human brain has been taught over many incarnations to diminish it’s true abilities. The reason for this limitation was often a means of survival to the people.

Once humanity could honestly look at themselves, they were more able to honestly look at their reality. In fact, this “looking at reality through open eyes” has shown many humans the lies and manipulations that had become quite common in their third dimensional reality. However, as their consciousness expanding more and more into the higher fourth and fifth dimensions, humanity began to remember.

At first, they had no idea what it was that they were trying to remember, but they DID remember that they needed to keep on “trying to remember.” As more and more humans tried to remember, it felt more and more safe to remember that which had formally been conceited, and worse yet, dangerous.

Human had seen how those who remembered, may have been great leaders, but they too often had short lives in which the powers of darkness overtook the leaders power of Light. However, over generation after generation, more and more people began to speak their truth and allows to speak their truth as well!

“We CANNOT allow this “truth speaking” to continue!” cried the forces of darkness. We will find a leader, that looks like one who cares of Love and Light, but is actually one who only cares for money and power. The dark creators of these “leaders” were careful to make the “dark ones” special to the people.

“Let’s make the leader be rich!!,” the dark ones decided. “Then the common people will think that the dark one is smart because they have money, while so many of the people can hardly pay their bills and take care of their family.

“Yes,” thought the dark ones. “Those who suffer from a lack of money will want a rich leader who will teach them to be rich.”  Unfortunately, many “rich” people do NOT want to share their money unless they get something for it.

Fortunately, some the “rich leaders” are also rich in their hearts and open in their minds. These “rich leaders” know that being “rich” is NOT about money, as the most important thing of all “LOVE” cannot be bought.  Of course, each needs to learn that in their own way.

And, what they often learn—and or remember—is that LOVE has a much greater value than money. But, all those who work too hard or too many hours may not know that, as they have never experienced having “enough money.”

However, there are also those who able to find, embrace and maintain relationships based on LOVE, know that Love cannot be bought. They have also learned that LOVE is more solid and permanent than “winning the lotto,” “getting a good job with lots of money,” or even inheriting money.

Yes, money can absolutely make ones life easier, but not necessarily happier. In fact, money may not even make their life easier. The main thing that can make ones life easier and happier is true LOVE. In fact, putting a blanket on the grass to have a picnic can be more filled with love than “getting that thing that you always wanted, but could not afford.”

Things are not based on LOVE. Love is VERY adaptable to the many different forms, people, actions, adventures and memories that can fill your heart with LOVE. This is especially if the Love is Unconditional. Unconditional Love is the gift that feels better and better the more you give it away!

Love is the gift that you away for free. And, you can give love away for free because it comes from your HEART. Therefore, just as your heart keeps on beating, love can keep on loving.

Of course, sometimes one’s “Heart is Broken,” but if the “broken heart” can keep on “giving LOVE to some one, some thing, and/or even them selves, the broken heart can heal quite quickly. Those who cannot release a broken heart have not yet  learned that you can ALWAYS choose to love your self.

Then, this love for your 3D self will allow you to heal enough to remember your own Higher SELF who always loves you, no matter what! You see, one’s Higher SELF, also known as your High Heart is NOT limited to the difficult challenges of the third dimension.

Unconditional Love resonates to the frequency of the fifth dimension. Therefore, Unconditional Love can remember to remember their own Higher Dimensional SELF who infinitely resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. And, YES, EVERYONE has a Higher SELF.

Everyone, even those that are judged as helpless or loveless, have a Higher Dimensional SELF. However, if one only looks down at the ground, and into their check book, or are concerned only for their own self, will not perceive the beautiful sky, the grand trees, the lovely flowers or even the face of a loved one.

However, these lost ones, have made a choice, and they have the ability to change that choice into one that is filled with unconditional love and service to others.  Then, the one who was once selfish and alone, can begin to give to others the love and camaraderie that they could not find while thinking only of themselves.

But, what if that one who was so lost in their own self was somehow able to give to others, rather than to worry about themselves? Would their giving to others assist them to love themselves in the way that they wish others to love them?

Would the “giving to others” what you thought they may need or desire allow them to understand how “giving travels in circles.”

You may give to one person and receive from a totally different person. And, as thanksgiving for what you received, you choose to give to others what you think they may need.

Would a circle of giving and receiving begin form within the body and atmosphere of dear Gaia? How many people would it take to make that “circle of giving?”

Would just one person be enough to create a “circle of giving?” It was enough for the Masters who were, later, known as “Ascended Masters.  But does everyone need to be an “Ascended Master?”

Maybe, if we forget about being an Ascended Master and focused on assisting Gaia to be an Ascended Planet, ALL the members of Gaia could be “Ascended Masters??”

Then would Gaia become a fifth dimensional planet? Or, would Gaia have to be a fifth dimensional planet before She could ascend? How about humans? Do humans need to be fifth dimensional to ascend?

OR, is ascension far, far the concepts of  “good enough to be…” Most likely that is true.

But, we will know the answers to all these questions, when the questions no have a meaning because we have evolved beyond questioning and expanded our consciousness into the NOW of the Knowing?

Sometimes, questions are just an exercise for one’s brain, a reminder that “What we think about, we often Bring about!”

If we think about LOVE, do we bring about LOVE?

Do we need to be able to accept that LOVE even if we don’t understand it?

Questions, Questions!  What if the asking of questions actually more important than getting the answers to our question. AND, will we be able to accept these answers –even if we get them from deep within our SELF?

What is deep with our human SELVES? Different people come to Earth with different challenges to learn from while in the “School of Planet Earth!”  How many times have we come to this “School,” and what have we learned during this visit?

What have YOU learned so far during your present visit to Gaia’s Earth?

You may wish to ponder that question and share it in the comments section.

Your can add your name or choose not to add your name.

After all, it is your questions and your answer,

that is your gift to others, as well as your gift to Gaia.

Blessings to you all

The answers to your questions are through your OWN HIGHER SELF!

Give that YOU a call!

Call that YOU every day for 7 days!

Take that challenge and see what happens

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family