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The Ascension Guides via Angel Skog, July 7th, 2020

The Ascension Guides via Angel Skog, July 7th, 2020




Strong light workers on earth.

True Lightworkers who are work hard to maintain a high frequency by focusing on the truth of love’s inherent being in everything that exists and does not exist.

Your work is going very well and the strong veils of collective consciousness have begun to be transformed on a deeper level.

Yet much work remains, raising awareness on a planet like earth takes its “time”, even if it happens here and now you experience time in the earth’s high density.

Today we want to talk about conspiracy theories that you call it on earth.

First and foremost, we want to highlight that the earth is neither or will be in any danger in the future.

How, then, can we say this with such obviousness?

Well, just as there is no time, we also see your future as here and now.

The consciousness of the earth has already tipped across the boundary, the boundary that now allows you to gradually move towards the complete transformation of the planet into love.

Many of you will not be present at the full ascent of the earth.

Many of you will choose to incarnate once more, or perhaps several times AND thus join the final journey into the golden age of the earth.

And many of you are living your last life on earth now and will rise either at your death or here on earth, where you will then serve for a while before leaving your home or continue to serve as ascending masters of the planetary hierarchy and the rays of light that you want to work with in your service and for your deeper soul development.

BUT you are the ones who are now pulling the big load for the rest of humanity – You who create new positive timelines by keeping the truth high in all your choices, big and small.

You who have chosen to carry the collective consciousness as your own suffering in order to transform it for the rest of humanity.

You do such a glorious job that is praised by your soul, which in its glory expands closer to the love of God, your own truth.

The divine plan of the earth goes according to plan, even better.

If you choose which way you look then you will see it too – The longing for freedom in people’s hearts that has come to life.

A burning amber that has become great wild but loving flames of hope, faith and trust in a better world, in a better sense, of something beyond the three-dimensional reality you experience so closely.

Resistance movements have always existed and even here on earth, during the golden age of Atlantis, the earth clearly showed its potential and many who chose to experience the dark aspects of God began to come here, to this paradise.

An infiltration of fear has taken place in many of the different ways, this has been allowed to proceed on the basis of the free will that has been part of the planetary laws determined for the earth.

Laws that you all read and signed on the contract for.

There are few places in the universe that offer such a huge opportunity for soul expansion.

This is precisely because of the great contrast that exists here between Love and Fear.

You may be laughing now and think it is crazy.

BUT there are souls in line to be allowed to incarnate on earth.

To have the chance to experience separation on such a deep level and with it expand their souls and their wisdom to further assist in different ways on their home planets, or for other worlds and dimensions of the universe.

This is why you yourself have chosen to come here, for expansion, learning and wisdom.

AND that was also why free will was determined for the earth.

So that you were truly fully without “help”, if not asked, to experience the separation and duality between fear and love on earth.

After the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria, it was decided how long this would last.

And just as Mayan priestesses from Atlantis knew, so did the earth at the beginning of its transformation towards the planetary golden age, in 2012.

Many of you, priests, priestesses and shamans, light creatures from other planets and angelic spheres, were then present after Atlantis case and decided what and how your role would manifest in this.

It is the memory that burns so hard in your hearts, the memory that you have a task here on earth, trust it and always follow the calling you feel within you.

Surround yourself with like-minded people and make sure you have a daily contact with us, you are ready to fulfill what you chose to do.

Back to conspiracy theories, it is the best weapon of the resistance movement right now, to mislead you into the fears again.

What is used are your own experiences from the time of Atlantis and Lemuria, but also from lifetimes in fear, war, rape, terror and trauma.

This still lies as a heavy blanket in the collective consciousness and that is why many of you experience these strong feelings within you sometimes, to help transform them.

But the resistance movement is now pressing on with fears to make you forget the truth, the truth of the ascension and that they have long lost their power here on earth.

Since 2012, we have introduced new laws for the earth, which meant that you would receive the help needed to raise consciousness and transform the collective consciousness.

With that, the great dark influence on earth has lost its power, ground patrols have been removed and the only thing left now is really your own free will to choose between LOVE AND FEAR.

They can still feed you with fear through thoughts and emotions, through energies, and it’s almost like an exciting match here where we sit together, yes together with the “dark” and look at how it all plays out.

Earth is an incredibly exciting place to watch now, and as we mentioned in the beginning, the line is long with souls who want to incarnate.

Again, back to conspiracy theories, this is part of the game.

The game that wants you to lose yourself and forget this truth, all in order for the resistance movement to be able to hold on to the fears for as long as possible.

And it has turned out to be a trick that works very well in many places precisely because it triggers the deeply unseen within you, from so many lifetimes here on earth.

In order for you to really be able to continue your clear, true and bright path and fulfill your mission here on earth, it is important that you are lovingly aware of this.

And remember that no one or nothing can do you any harm.

More parallel timelines will be developed on earth and have already done so.

UNWARE timelines, where people get to experience more fear, disclosures and information that are planted in the collective consciousness, to create drama, conflict and fear within you and in your contact with other people.

And AWARE timelines, in the consciousness of the new age, that lovingly lead you to your healing and ascension BUT also that of humanity.

Where you will experience and remember your own soul, your powerful manifestation ability, and your closeness to the light within your own being.

Timelines of love, happiness, unity and harmony.

You still have the free choice on earth.

The choice to choose which timeline you want to be in.

Many of you have lost yourself in a timeline that you have not chosen to be guided towards in your blueprints, you have been stuck in the unconscious and fear-based.

And many of you have found out just right and are exactly where you planned to be.

Either way, accept where you are without fear, and be sure to guide yourself or your co-fellows of the light into the timelines that lead you toward your ascension.

Towards your true love and your mission here on earth.

And understand that some have chosen to continue in the unconscious timelines, to then continue the experience of duality on another three-dimensional planet, or maybe a few more lifetimes.

Your task is to stay in the light no matter what, and continue to choose love without reservation.

With all love, we are the ascension guides, here with you and we are grateful for today’s connection.


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