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The Big Call Notes w/Bruce, Yosef, July 26th

The Big Call Notes w/ Bruce, Yosef 7-26-16″ – Anonymous Guest Post

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 11:41 PM ET on July 26, 2016

The Big Call Notes with Bruce & Yosef 7-26-16

Bruce: We know that there has been some progress moving through internationally with the currencies, with the USN and without talking about specifics. We heard in the morning the USN was made live. We did hear that did occur overnight last night. That puts in a new game. It puts us our USD that is goldback can be utilized around the world, that was required to have done before essentially the Rv and 800 numbers be rolled out. Some administrative holds that we gotten out of, they been released. Then we heard one more part still hanging on, that was released overnight last night. That is part of the release of the new gold back currency we call USN. Those two happened together.

Where are we now? WE are in the process moving along, more fast than expected. In a situation, communicating, pinging between banks around the world,so all got proper info about our USN and able to receive it, acknowledge it and a ping we got it and on board for it. That is occurring. We are in a time frame those pings are being answered and being responded back to. When those pings fully received by all banks around the world, there is a procedure that will allow certain codes entered and then we should have our 800 numbers released. We hoped to have them tonight on our call. Later intel indicted longer time frame. When we do get them we will do an impromptu celebration call recorded, send it out with the 800 numbers and a special post Yosef has put together.

I am thinking of a time stamp of view, a little more to be done with the pings and codes to be entered. Once these occur, we are golden. No exact time frame, it is progressing along, a little faster than expected. That is good news. We are in a great position right now. WE can be encouraged. Sorry no 800 numbers tonight. At this point in a waiting point. We may be honored to receive the numbers, we will put them out for everybody and do celebration call. I am very excited that we made it, and we are almost home. I am feeling really good. I left a lot of things out. A lot of transaction taken place, SKR made liquid, not specifically for line of credit but actual funding in last few days. Large pools of funds being sent around the world. A lot of the humanitarian funding around the world being funded

Yosef: When this financial system needed to be replaced and a newer better, honest gold back system needed to be created from scratch. Now we are at the point they are at the root of the plan, USN is live as of before 2am this morning. Incredible feat of all that worked on that. No one will know your name. Basically the world can now can take the USN printed by the treasury. The entire central banking system the way it was functioning has been replaced. The whole world is recognizing it is functioning on a new financial system. It was humming. The USD has been thrown out and replaced by the USN. We can start making transaction with good faith. We are looking for the 800 numbers from having a little to having a lot. This is much larger process than getting to the 800 numbers. You go get 800 number, funds, then you have a lot of money, and send it to where you want to. With the new system it will move faster and quicker. The USN is the legal tender of the US which the whole world needed to recognize and can be moved anywhere in the world on a new technical system. The world is pinging back recognizing this. Once we do get our money we should be able to move it as we wish in good will. That is why it is significant thing that the USN is now active. It is the whole deal. You cant see it yet. Sometimes the biggest something is the smaller it is in public.

Bruce: You would think it would be announced before normal people see it in the banks. Still don’t know the plans for that.

Yosef: There is a 20, 10, 5; they are different, but not totally different. To keep things calm.

Bruce: We have a new gold exchange that started two days ago from Japan. You guys remember the new gold exchange from Shanghi, China. Now Japan getting in with their new gold exchange with 3 clearing houses one in NY and one in Atlanta, and one in Dallas.

Yosef: That is significant because the Japanese Yen was in default worse than the dollar. This tells you the Japanese Yen is gold back and the USN is gold back. Once the USD went asset back, it was the last one to be made gold back. Now all gold currency are gold back. All assets can be paid in USN gold back. The leadership of the US in now in full control of the RV.

Bruce: Between WF and HSBC, General Dunford, in conjunction with the Chinese elders, an agreement been taken place between them. WF still the lead bank, Chinese component of it all working together, these banks doing exchanges, approx 7000 off site redemption centers some connected to the banks themselves. Those people staffing those redemption centers have been ready to go. I think they are in a further position with training with the delu machines, and another 3200 more that came out to give live counts of the redemption proceeds especially with the Zim because they will be able to track them through the process. It is cool to be able to see it in real time. They will be able to track it very quickly using the laptops and mainframes with China. So much to it, not want to get too technical. A lot of info coming down the pipe. WF setup to be the main player in all of this. Certain things we can say and some we can’t. People been trained on these new machines, and then moved out so they can take care of the staff in new areas. Rove to certain areas maybe in a certain mile radius so they can fill in as needed. They are ready to go in terms of that.

Yosef: Timing when why the RV being released. ON the 26, today started yesterday in Asia, beg\in the planetarium year. It is the start of the New Year in the old Mayan calendar. Those running the financial system pay attention to the moving the sun, etc. Just happens we are in a two week transition period from the year and cycle, special time from July 26 to the August 8. A two week period. It is exactly a half of year, 6 months of the Chinese year that started February 8th. Maybe the RV couldn’t happen till now.

Bruce: We know the Chinese very influential being very important being tied with August 8. Also going back to February 8th, Chinese New Year.

Yosef: China was into July 26th when the USN went active. WE are hoping the actual private redemption period either starts today or tomorrow get through in short order. That is why over 20% of redemption centers are for ZIM. They wanted to process it so quickly because of its value and get it off the street for safety and quickly as possible.

Bruce: They are working specifically, WF, HSBC, in Canada TD Bank, Scotia Bank, HSBC in Mexico; those are the ones being chosen for the ZIM.

Our understanding is that WF selected to be the chosen bank system because of who they are for the ZIM and utilize that whereas Chase used for the other 4 currencies in the first basket. That is what we have heard. You will need to let people know that you have ZIM when you call 800 numbers.

Yosef: A lot of the corruption in US and Mexico, to make sure the RV gets on right foot, selected banks for the ZIM. To ensure the safety of the system, moving forward long term.

Bruce: It is coming together. All be aware something they should know about. WE are excited. A lot of information to give us we are secure in this and it is moving along nicely.

Yosef: We have a good sense the performance is real and liniment. If you haven’t let yourself to get this is a reality especially if you hold ZIM, this is a good time to cross over from fantasy to reality. Let yourself to get to a place of planning. We have tried to prepare you so your eyes don’t bug out of your head. One hand on the banks, one hand on the public. We hope we have provided a bridge where everyone was and when you get the email. WE will give you an audio of that email

Bruce: If we get some exactly some direction given to us, we will give it to everyone so you will have that. That is something for WF to give when they are ready. WE should have a large amount of info ready to go in short amount of time. We are going to try to something in a 15 to 20 minute time frame.

Yosef: It will be on the web page so other blogs and sites can pick it up.

Bruce: I look forward to the timing being whatever it is. WE are at the point that we are waiting for it patiently. We know it is close. Trying to let it come and not chase it. We will be ready for it.

Yosef: We will be ready day or night. If you feel you going to miss it, don’t. We have a whole network of people that are actively working in the process. WE will put it out on the internet. It will be like business normal and when you look at updates, it should be there within an hour we get it.

Bruce: Redemption centers are looking for it too. We are just watching for it.

Yosef: This will never happen again in our lifetime or our children’s children’s lifetime.

Bruce: It will be great and I am looking forward to it.