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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 11-22-16

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 11-22-16

Thank you PinkRoses for sending this to us. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome everyone to the Big Call tonight. We thought this call would not be necessary with everything happening. We will not be doing a long call tonight. Sue is not here. She is not feeling well. It is one of these nights we do have Intel to bring. I will do that. Last Thursday we had record number of listeners. We do have a thankful for those who do transcribe the calls out there. We do appreciate those who do transcribe for us.

Bruce: Last Thursday we had 25,000 listeners live. It is an indicator how close we are to this. So close I was requested not to do Intel. On this call I will try to give you some update where we are. We had some new listeners last time. We did add additional 5,000 capacity for last week and did add additional 5,000 capacity tonight. I know several hundred requested the replay number and link. I hope many were able to do that. For tonight we just hope everyone got in. The line that has the most capacity is the listener line. Thank you everyone for everyone for coming in to the call.
Bruce: I want to welcome anyone new listening from the financial community and anyone else who is new to the call. Welcome to the International listeners.
Bruce: Even though we didn’t think we would have a call tonight it doesn’t necessarily mean we are not where we exactly need to be even tonight. What we have heard last couple of days. One thing we have talked about in the past is these large monetary tranches of funds that have come in the octillions. Then about 4 or 5 days they had four tranches of funds that came from AIIB that went to four different parts of the globe from far East Asia hydrating major banks around the world. They were coming in the octillions once to twice a day. Then they went to nonillions once to twice a day. Then we had new number which was 4 of them come within 25 minutes of each other. Each one was in the nonillions. Those funds were to prepare for the exchanges particularly the ZIM redemption. These funds are all gold backed. All the new money is there in that sense in the sense it is new gold back currency.
Bruce: Even more recently than that in the last few days this is what has happened. We have had two mega tranches go out to all 209 central banks around the world. One tranch was designed for North America which included Canada, US, Mexico. Those other tranch was for all the other central banks around the globe. Two separate tranches each one in a number with 39 zeros. The decillion has 33 zeros. (Duodecillion is 39 zeros). It is an amazing number. That is the size of each of these two mega trances in which each one having 39 zeros. I don’t know what trust it came out of. I heard what country it came out of though. The way this trust designed is to take care of humanitarian projects around the world and said to do just that. To fund those humanitarian projects and funding sources primarily in the US and also other countries around the world. A humongous amount of equity being put in place.
Bruce: We heard last night that at 9am in Iraq an announcement was made. This announcement was the announcement that took Iraq back to an International status in which their currency being revalued and now they are essentially sovereign. This announcement was not made here. We don’t have it here yet. Hopefully we will get it tonight or tomorrow. We are happy it went out. That is it went out at1am EST. Positive step for us. We may need to hear that announcement to hear it here for it to start for us. We know the announcement was made at 1am EST last night. Bruce: Also Iraq has Qui cards, prepaid debit cards. Like us the Iraqi people like cash as we do. My understanding was the lower denominations we knew had gone out to the banks. The currency lower denominations have been out at the banks. They just hadn’t been put out on the streets as of Thursday call. Since last night 1am EST, since the announcement made in the morning, 9am Iraqi time, their Qui cards can be used to purchase lower denominations as we can use the ATMs to get cash out. That is what they have been doing starting today. Lower denominations have gone out of the banks to the streets now, to the Iraqi people. That is brand new. We haven’t had that before and we got confirmation of that.
Bruce: What else has happened in our timeline approx 2:55 am EST, the historical gold bonds, historical assets, the large currency transactions, the big ones, those trades have been done with those they have began to pay out. Those powerful things happened 5 minutes before London trade opened up this morning. More and more movement, more access to funds happening. Not everyone been paid out yet but in a process it is occurring internationally. I know it is coming here.
Bruce: Where are we in this country regarding our own currency? We have the TRNs, gold back instrument that backs up our USN which is now gold backed. Our understanding is our new currency is a rainbow currency because it is multicolored from pink to yellow, blue, and green. Our understanding also the banks are referring them as the Christmas currency. This new currency for us will be coming out will be available very soon. I don’t know if it is in the banks for distribution right now, but will be in the banks very quickly. The banks called them Christmas currency because they are suppose to come out before Christmas. That is what they have termed it. That is positive for us.
Bruce: In terms where we are, we have talked about the concept of the ZIM being a bond and not really a currency. The one we carry is through the roof. The rate keeps going up as it is traded in value. If you are not a ZIM holder you are still in great shape because the other currency rates are quite good. Rest assure you are chosen for a time for this. Those who have ZIM are referred to as the Cos or the Chosen Ones.
Bruce: To find it to us all we are looking for is notifications. We understand the Prosperity Packages are in process of being sent out. I don’t know how far or where the process is. We understand the notifications to us hopefully include an 800 number to set appointments. Those are forth coming. That is what we are waiting.

 The timing for this is we don’t call a rate or date on the call. I think you can tell from the information the proximity is right there. Do they want us to have this before Thanksgiving? My indication says yes, and we are in a good place for that to occur by or before Thanksgiving which is only two days away. Redemption locations or centers will be open if they need to be for Thanksgiving. They have the man and woman power to do that if they decide to open that day. We can rest assure the security is there, the personnel is there, and the currency is there. Too, there is plenty of liquidity for our exchanges. I am very excited where we are even though this is moving in a very deliberate slow pace. Things are happening worldwide where it puts in a situation to take advantage of this.
Bruce: Over all we should plan on having a great Thanksgiving. It maybe the best Thanksgiving we ever had. So things are moving in the direction for that to occur. I just feel that is as far as we need to take the Intel tonight.
Bruce: Humanitarian projects we will bring in an outline of what we want to do. We want to hydrate the world with these projects.
Next Bob talked about a new water filtration project, and a new plastic project. Also a project to recycle all the plastics we find in garbages, oceans. To recycle these projects can put a lot of people to work even though recycling these plastics is not profitable, but it will clean up our oceans. We can do that because we will have the funds to do this in our humanitarian projects.
Bob: Also I am going to work on spinal cord regeneration.
Bruce: We are going to embark on new technology in health, energy, use of energy, new building resources for building for projects. There will be new building techniques and new materials. Materials that do not burn. With the concept of energy it can be generated form a lot of sources besides of oil, natural gas, coal, etc. The technology is out there. Some of it is hidden, some of it protected. I think most of this will be available to be put out. That is what we are going to be involved in to help the communities. The Big Call listeners who wish to adopt a city, town, community to help rebuild America. We will be behind a lot of those projects to fund this. New hospitals, new medical research centers, more modern educational schools to bring the communities up as a whole. It creates jobs, opportunities for education, jobs for building and maintaining. If you don’t have a project of your own and want to be involved in a project with us consider adopting a city, town, community and be someone to fund the purchase of properties to rebuild, build, funding the process of building one home, one family at a time. With 5,000 listeners or maybe 50,000 listeners we can do that. I look to partnering to do these projects. We are just touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to humanitarian projects, job creation, the ideas we have.
Bruce: I am just thankful we are in a place to do these things and discuss these ideas. I want involvement of as many listeners we can to help us doing these projects. There are plenty leaders out there as Bob is. I am looking for those leaders that I can count on to help in some way. We won’t need the money individually. It is the idea we will use with our cooperative intelligence to put forth these ideas and use our banking partners to help us utilize these plans. Also supplies and industries in the communities like Home depot, Lowes, Leonards. There will be plenty of opportunities to partner not only with banking partners but with others in our community industries. Bob, Tank, Sue, Rob, Yosef are all thinking about ideas. We know we will be hydrated and have new homes things to drive, but we know this blessing is for humanity.
Bruce: Thank you all for coming in tonight. Thank you Big Call family. Just heads up in two days it will be Thanksgiving. We are not planning to do a call Thanksgiving night. Check our website which is if we are going to have a call next week.
Bruce: If you are traveling be careful out there. Be careful in those upper Midwest, Northeast that may have weather issues. Be careful driving or flying. Thank you Bob and others who part of the team, Thank you, Tank. Sue is feeling better as we speak. Ken, thank you.

Bruce: Thank you to all the Big Call listeners. Go to our website for any updates.