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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 12-8-16


The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 12-8-16

Thank you PinkRoses for sending this to us. ~ Dinar Chronicles


Bruce: (Before the Intel) We had quite a few emails sent to the Big Call asking for me to comment on the post that was put on Dinar Chronicles couple days ago. It has been my policy the last 5 years on the Big Call not to comment on other calls, other gurus, or say anything despairingly against anyone. You know I have my opinions and get my Intel from my own sources. This was different because so many wrote in and asked for my opinion asking me to comment on it. I felt I owed that to my own listenership. I owed to the community at large that is hurting. That may feel they might have been left and abandoned and are hurt. For me personally I was in somewhat in shock but not hurt as much as I was saddened. Just saddened. I am here not hit anyone when they are down. I am here to love. I am here to be a support system. I am here like Sue, Pastor Steven to be leaders to be here to help in the community. We know that God has called us to love others unconditionally. We know God has forgiven us and we are to forgive others. We know God won’t forgive us unless we forgive others. We have to take the higher road. We have to take the position of leadership. We have to understand some things we just don’t understand. Some things happened, some things were said obviously saddened me. But I am here just to say God is pleased if we forgive, if we love, and we move on. We open our arms to one another in a spirit of forgiveness and love. We open our arms to receive this blessing.

Bruce: I have kept a distance on purpose for weeks. My Intel has been mine from my sources for months. I have my own opinions. I don’t share a lot of the other opinions of others out there. I want you guys to know that we have to move forward and we have to press into God and believe what he has for us is real because it is. It is not only real but it is real close. We had information on Tuesday’s call that was indignant that this thing was absolutely supposed to have happened yesterday. A lot did happened yesterday and more happened today. I said Tuesday I didn’t except to do a call Thursday night, and yet here I am. I did not anticipate it. I didn’t expect it. We didn’t say we absolutely wouldn’t do it because here we are. I didn’t expect it. Wasn’t sure we would do it tonight. Information was so good even few hours ago that we might have this even before this call even started. I just going to say everybody should breathe as I am trying to do right now. Kick back and be confident what you know, confident in the information we are bringing you. I want us all to be in a great opportunity to pray tonight and put our faith out there tonight and it will honor God. He will be pleased with this. It will come back to us just as every blessing God brings us. We will sow our faith into this blessing tonight. I want everyone be there with me as one. I am very encouraged tonight. I wanted you to have this time to realize this is a time for us to pull together and not be cast apart. It is a time of coming together. It is a time for leaders to step up and be leaders. I am not going to cast any stones. I am not going to throw the first stone, but let us love each other.
Bruce: Welcome everybody on the call. Welcome all the financial community on the call also that are listening. The last couple of days let’s talk about what has happened. What happened yesterday was extremely big and meaningful. One thing that went on was the US became gold back officially. We had the gold treaty witnessed by the IMF, the World Bank, the World Court, and by the US Treasury. All four representatives of those entities witnessed and signing off the gold. That gave us a gold back currency which was announced basically through the banks around the world by this morning. It happened over night where banks received encrypted emails and unencrypted emails. When people came into the banks this morning they saw this information. It was sent not only to our banks bout around the world that the US dollar was now gold back officially again or asset back. That was big news. That was huge. We even had a representative for the Federal Reserve sign off on the ending of the fiat dollar yesterday. That was big as well. It needed to happen.
Bruce: We are in a new place. There were things that occurred out West that certain people couldn’t really sign off until we had this gold back currency officially there. This gold back agreement backs our TRN and USN, our actual physical currency. Our dollars we have now in our wallets are kind of under the gold back situation now. It is a major deal. I would think we would have had that announcement to that effect. There may have already been an announcement. I heard the UN suppose to have made an announcement this afternoon, but I have not uncovered the proof that it was made by anyone from the UN. We understood that took place this afternoon. This puts us in a new light.
Bruce: What happened there was a large settlement, CMKX, a Prosperity settlement of some kind that was supposed to be signed off on. My understanding is that it was not signed off yet because the gold back currency wasn’t in effect at the time. We believe that situation has been remedied. My opinion is a lot of the things that had to do with private groups, payments of private groups could be handled now, be made liquid because the currency is gold back now. Each country is now asset back, gold back around the world. This information has to be put in their own charters of each individual country. We talked about Tuesday night that the Islamic gold agreement was passed so those countries in the Middle East could be gold backed. We understand they are as well. This is something that is happening around the world not just here. Everywhere else. It is part of the currency gold reset. Whether there be any announcement publicly announced might be a few days or later before that takes place. I have had certain dates thrown at me as a possibility when the public goes and when the Forex comes back up and all of that. We will leave that for now because that could be influx as we even speak now. It is hard to say when that will be. It might be before Christmas, way before I believe. That is why I think we should have the best Christmas ever. We should. This is my understanding is everything is in place. There might be a few details here and there that are being cleaned up, but I really think we are in a place where we can have an outstanding next few days. Let us just say it that way that we should have an outstanding next few days. I say that is the gist really from an Intel perspective.
Bruce: The banks have been ready. We believe the redemption centers are still highly secured and staffed. Wells Fargo is working closely with HSBC. HSBC has been working closely to acquire maybe a larger portion of Wells Fargo and Bank of America. That was worked on a little yesterday and all positive for us. Wells Fargo has invested a well over a million dollars the last few months in each of the redemption centers for security and additional services. They have made a huge investment that is about to pay off for us and for everyone else.
Bruce: I am excited about the opportunity to exchange here shortly. I want to tell you something that is interesting. There are two NDAs. There are certain rates that will not require an NDA. I am going to call them screen rates. I heard a range of rates that this will apply to. NO NDA for screen rates. There is a soft NDA for rates above the screen rates at a certain point for the ZIM. Then there is a hard NDA, which not too hard, down to just about 2 pages sort of back where it use to be when it was first brought out. It is designed that way because the privately negotiated rates available will allow you to take a payout from 5 to 50 years. Therefore it has to be structured differently and a little longer to deal with the longevity of the structured payout. I think there is a new name for that other than structure payout. There is a new term for structure payout. I like the idea of getting a fixed interest rate on a huge principle mother lode account and have it paid out on an annually rate but paid out quarterly. I like the idea those monies can be used for humanitarian projects that we have to do. We talked about the humanitarian projects the last several calls. We talked about that. That is something that we all should be thinking about. The privately prenegotiated rates are still available. They are very high for the ZIM and all the other currencies as well. So if you don’t have ZIM you still can negotiate on the other currencies you do have.
Bruce: The point is that when you talk about your projects, talk about the longevity of the project in terms of being something that might surpass your lifetime and how you plan on structuring it so that could happen. So it could last beyond your own years. There is some other terms going to be important to us. Such as creating employment, job opportunities, and infrastructure. Infrastructure could mean an about 30 different things. You can use the term infrastructure in terms with what you are planning to do. You could adopt a town, a village even an island like I might do. It will involve a lot of infrastructure, a lot of new builds, and a lot of rebuilding. It will take a lot of money to do it. Be thinking of terms of that.

Bruce: As far as the rates themselves. Do not worry about the rates. The rates will take care of themselves. I know the current situation we have a large portion of the payout will be for humanitarian projects and then something for you so to speak. Say it use be 80/20. 80% for humanitarian and 20% for your own personal use. Some of these numbers are so big that after you exchange the ZIM 20% for you is a lot of money. Too much for just you and your family. You be the judge. Maybe the new formula should be set at 85/15. 85% for humanitarian and 15% for you. This is based on a large mother lode amount at the time of exchange. Very large. Tons of zeros, but remember back when we talked about the idea of the God account? We talked about tithing. I said we talked about I would put 20% of my exchange and put it in our God account. Then we would give from that account because it would always get interest, and it will always be there and can give from it. My indication is to use the exchange on the other currencies for me maybe and use all the currency of the ZIM for the God account. The entire thing of the ZIM for the God account. 100% goes to humanitarian projects and ministry. If you are talking about humanitarian projects and ministries you are going to be partnering with them. You want to mention that you will be partnering with them. You will be working with companies with humanitarian projects. You will not only going to be partnering with the banks but the people you will be giving to and building humanitarian projects with. That is going to be great. The longevity of that will support it all will tell how far you will go with your funding you’re your structuring of payouts. Think along those lines. Thinking about that when it comes the time for your exchange appointment at the redemption center.
Bruce: We are looking to be notified to get the 800 numbers. If we get the 800 numbers I will do what I am instructed to do. I would put them out. I would consider it an honor if I were to receive the numbers to put them out to the community. We will see how that works out. We will see if they want to do this. There is probably more, but that is the gist of it. I am hearing very good things that it is very close and we should have a great next few days. I really do. Don’t want to call it, but that is what I am hearing and believing. I am really expecting to have our blessing way before Christmas, the next few days.
Bruce: Tonight is Thursday night, and a lot can happen between now and next Tuesday.
Thank you all listeners all and new listeners. Thank you international listeners and all who listen on the replay. We are working on to listen online by a link. This is only the 8th, 17th days before Christmas. Let’s see what God will bring for our blessing. Thank you all here and in the community.THANK YOU BIG CALL AND BRUCE, HUGSSS

PS. Bruce: Thank you for the heartfelt, touching words you shared before you gave the Intel portion. You touched our hearts and please know we do look up to you as a leader in the dinar community and one that gives his heart and soul to us and others always with kindness and love. We respect you for that very much. Hugsss, Pinkroses.