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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel notes by PinkRoses, October 13th

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 10-13-16



Bruce: Welcome Everybody in Big call Universe. We have a true international audience of listeners such as the Netherlands, Germany, and France. I want to welcome anyone that it is the first time being on the call. We had 106 requests by 5pm for the number of the call.
Bruce: Yosef has chosen not to post anymore. Take that as a very good sign. There is a reason why he is not posting anymore. Do you read me? Of course you do. I want everybody to get that.

Bruce: As far as Intel that I can share, I will start with the banking situation. You guys know Wells Fargo is the lead bank in this. HSBC is a partnering bank. So are AIIB, and People’s Bank of China. Those four banks are very important. Other banks also are very important such as Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, and all those tier two banks such as 5th Third, SunTrust, and Canadian banks to the North such as TD Bank, Scotia Bank, Royal Bank of Canada all involved in this. Most of them are partnering with HSBC. Banks in Central and South America are under the umbrella of HSBC. Partnerships in this thing. The banks are all ready. People are there at the redemption center ready to go for us. Certain changes have taken place in the infrastructure of the lead bank. You guys know that this morning that was sort of announced. It took place on Monday, but announced today. That was important, the timing of it. I feel confident what is happening at Wells Fargo. It is a good thing for all of us moving forward.
Bruce: When it comes to where are we? We are those of us who are here, Tier 4. Initially we were put in Tier 3, but they removed us but put us in our own Tier, Tier 4. We understand that Tier 3 completed their transaction today and waiting to be completely hydrated or their funds fully accessible. I don’t know whether that would take 24 hours, 36 hours, or how long that is going to take, but we understand that process is ongoing, and we in Tier 4 are next. I don’t know dates or rates, but I do believe this is still our week even though we are coming up on the weekend. Don’t be dismayed by that. I am very excited where we are right now and where we should be by the end of the week.
Bruce: The 13th is usually the date for UN operational rates to change. I understand they may have posted the same. That is okay. The effective date of the change is usually the 15th which is Saturday. Hopefully we will see changes occur by then. Other thing we understood certain changes have taken place on Central Bank of Iraq. Certain changes of movements have occurred on that site. I understand that the Canadian dollar and Australian dollar are on purity meaning one to one. My thinking is that it maybe that the North American currency including Europe, not including Mexico, but Canada, the United States, Europe meaning the Euro, The Swiss Franc. They may go to purity. I don’t know, but that would be an interesting way to start out at an even level field. This global currency reset is about to putting 3rd and 4th world countries higher up on a better position to do commerce, to do trade and everything the rest of the world is enjoying and involved in. So we want those other countries come up in value. WE know for example that Zimbabwe has incredible value and resources in the ground. This is so much that Zimbabwe will actually become a reserve currency, the Zimbabwe dollar, for all of Africa, for the continent of Africa. We believein 15 years or sooner that currency may become part of the SDR basket that the Chinese Renminbi is part of. So what they are going to do is strengthen that SDR basket with probably two additional currencies going forward beyond where we are right now. We will see it when it occurs. Everything that is occurring, the Paris Agreement, to the Chinese Renminbi being put in the SDR basket.
Bruce: The movement in the banking system a lot of things happening. Some of it is visual and some behind the scenes, and some of it we don’t talk about it on the Big Call because frankly it is not wise to do that. I know you guys want rates . I told you on Tuesday call, ZIM holders could be looking at 4 figures. All the rates are good, way better than we thought they be even two years ago. I suggest we are highly favored, blessed and chosen for a time such as this.
Bruce: We know they expect us to get in and out in approximately 45 minutes to an hour. They do want to get ZIM holders in first. Really it is not a time for to be conversational, not a time to make new friends, to tell the story of your life. They want to get this done. It is really a business transaction. It is little more than a basic deposit and opening up an account. I wouldn’t go crazy with lots of cashier checks and bank wires. You will have an opportunity to get cashier check and a bank wire. But things you can do at a later time save that, don’t try to do everything on the first appointment. Your main goal is to do your exchange, get your account set up, your skeleton trust in place at that first appointment. You will walk out with a bundle of new dollars, maybe not the so called full blown rainbow currency. Whatever currency you walk out with as cash, it is gold backed. We have moved over to the gold standard. Has that been announced yet? NO. We are still looking for one or two announcements. Maybe that is all we are looking for. Time is right we could see this go through any moment.
Bruce: With the 800 number we will do the right thing and get it right. Be in that state of no more worry, no fear, but being strong, confident, and position that you are about to be blessed. Pretend you just found out about this currency two weeks ago, and you are last one. You are jumping up and down with joy. I look at this is coming and we are almost at the very end. WE have used the analogies of the roller coaster and train station. They are still valid, but I want you guys to use your faith with me. I got that confidence, I am completely full. I am encouraged.
Expectation for this to come now. Expect your miracle now.
Bruce: Tonight is a great night for us. We are toward the end. WE are next and the timing is good for us. Any day now. I thank all the new people this is who we are, and all the rest of the listeners.