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Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call. Tonight’s Intel is not going to be a long segment. We are at the end of our road. We are right there for this to manifest for us.

Bruce: What is going on in Iraq? It always tends to go back to Iraq. We are not getting any information from our sources in the Middle East. They are still on this lockdown to the United States. We are not getting any information that we thought we would get today regarding the Arab Summit in Jordan where President Arabi was the 2nd speaker to speak yesterday morning. We believe he finished up by 2:33 am ESTyesterday morning. We believe he made the announcements he needed to make to inform the people what was going on with Iraq, take back of Mosul, etc. I really think that was all done, but not heard confirmation out of the Middle East.
We did hear from the Far East that everything was done and accomplished. Are we going to have an announcement out of there and in our news? It is hard to say.
Bruce: There will be bits and pieces of news about Iraq and ISIS. I would say this which you heard on the last call that Iraq had a newly revalued rate on the dinar over $6.00 in country rate for their people on their smart cards ready to go to be utilized. There was a trillion dollars of Iraqi bonds that were offered for infrastructure in Iraq to 23 countries initially and 5 countries took advantage of these bonds. This has been several weeks ago those were offered. We just don’t know if they made that information available to us yet.
Bruce: I think they are still holding back the discussion of Iraq dinar being revalued, Iraq returning to sovereignty. Remember they will use the terms like Fair Trade Value instead of the term RV., or the term a Reconciliation of Currencies instead of the term Global Currency Reset or GCR. I think this is the kind of thing we will hear as far as an announcement.
Bruce: Possibly hear an announcement possibly tonight regarding the US being back on the gold standard possibly related to our new currency USN/TRN which we are looking for to be paid in. One is more digital in the sense the banks and the USN replaces USD. That currency we are looking for we call them the rainbow currency. It is similar to the shading of the currency we use now. We should have the US treasury reserve note on the currency instead of not Federal reserve on the currency. The Treasury Secretary’s name, Steven Mnuchin would be the signature on that note. I understand the currency is printed and may be in place to be distributed. Hopefully it is in the Redemption Centers for us.
Bruce: Redemption centers we understand couple of hours ago memos went out from HSBC to the Redemption Centers throughout the country. There have been many more centers were added the last 6 months or so. The memo was to have them respond back, and when everyone was able to respond back to the memo they would go to engage status. That would be a status that they would be ready to receive us. We are waiting for that confirmation, but we believe the memos went out and that is how close we are.
Bruce: Out west we find we have very much participation from our currency administration to make sure this is done according to the new script. There are people working directly with Wells Fargo out there getting exchanges and groups started, and getting the SKR accounts taking care of. Those are moving along nicely. It is just time when the rest of us get an indication for us to set our appointments and go. I believe the time is right there at hand.
Bruce: We should have something very shortly to put out a toll free number so our appointments can be set. As of right now I do not have that number yet. I am waiting for the information that may to come to me and hopefully put that out for everybody. We would put that out and get that number out to you and then have a recorded celebration call put out on our site:, and a few other sites you guys are going to. After this goes, we will take 3 weeks to do what we need to do, and we are going to set up a new website and portal and pod cast for our call.
Bruce: Everything is moving along nicely. The Chinese elders were paid. We understand a lot of the humanitarian funding sources are receiving word that they are to be completed and have their funds active, liquid and available to them. Also the general public is to start April 3rd or 4th. We are to go between now and Monday night at 6pm in engage status at the Redemption Centers. We are tight there where we need to be staying patient waiting for our turn to go which is coming up next. From all sources all is pointing to immediateness with this which I think we all are looking forward to.
Bruce: In terms of what we are going to do you know the redemption centers we thank you those with HSBC and Wells Fargo that are at the Redemption Centers that are getting ready for exchanges. Thank you for your preparation for us to come in and exchange. Thank you for your smiles as we come in. We know what to bring to our appointments. We know we need to bring information about our projects. We will have an hour to little over an hour to exchange and walk out with a debit card, and some cash up to $10,000 in 2500 bundles. They will be looking forward to partner with us.
Bruce: We will talk about our projects to create new jobs, infrastructure included in our projects from bridges, roads, to railroads, schools, clinics, recreation centers, etc. Also there is the concept of Rebuild America. If you don’t have one of your own projects that you have prepared, you can blend in with all the listeners on the Big Call with Rebuild America.
Bruce: Rebuild America is adopt a city, town, community. We will rebuild our inner cities, housing, new construction with new construction systems, the very best project information to take with you. It is to let you build this where you want to live or where you live or both. The main thing is we are going to try to do this is have a template concept for all to utilize. It is not going to be a cookie cut approach. We will see how that comes together.
Bruce: I am excited about Rebuild America. It fits in with President Trump to make America great again. We are not looking for government assistance or money, but looking for the government to create a vehicle with our banking partners like Infrastructure bonds that we can invest. I think this is the concept that will catch on and not something only just for us who are blessed and chosen for this opportunity to take advantage of, but other people that would like to invest in these bends. I am not a CPA, attorney, banker, etc. I just want you to know I think this is a concept that will be one to be taken advantage of. I hope so. I am looking for 5000 listeners from the Big Call from all of the 50 states, 100 or more in the 50 states to help with Rebuild America.
Bruce: I heard from Blue Wolf the other day from Puerto Rico. He is excited to get started, and we are excited as well to help him in Puerto Rico to rebuild it. Also there are the Caribbean islands that need help too as well as Central America and other parts of the world. We will start in the United States and then go internationally.
Bruce: I want to thank our banking partners like HSBC and AIIB in making this opportunity to work for us and to come together with these projects as we go forward. Excited about all the banks that will participate with us. If you are looking for a bank internationally, consider HSB. If you are in the Caribbean, you have Scotia bank. Moca Pocia in Latin America that is partner with HSBC under that umbrella. In Canada, we have Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, and Scotia bank.
Bruce: We have quite a few of redemption centers in the United States. You will call a 2 step process. First call let them know what currencies you have. If you have ZIM, let them know that first. They will redirect you to a different number to call and maybe that is when you give your zip code to set up your actual location for your appointment. You want to go to a redemption center that takes the ZIM dollar. That will be the key if you have ZIM.
Bruce: Don’t be shy with your privately negotiable rates. The ZIM has far more latitude because it is a gold backed bond and has a great value. You will be able to negotiate that up for your exchange or your redemption of the bond essentially. By mentioning that, mention the projects you have in mind such as Rebuild America. We want to partner with at least 5000 of you, 100 or more of you in 50 states. Imagine the jobs we will be creating such as plumbers, electricians, road builders, etc. Think of the partnering we will do with major builders like Kohler, and other companies. We will work with Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, Sutherland, etc. We will offer apprenticeship and mentorships programs with our rebuild America.
Bruce: I know the Intel segment was short tonight. We really don’t have a whole lot without getting specific which we are not suppose to. In general terms we are at the end of the road. I believe this is imminent for us. Just hang in there. Do what you are doing. Don’t quit your day job yet. Stick with Plan A until Plan B comes through for us. This is a great time to clean out closets, go through things you don’t want and may want to donate. Maybe pack up things if you are looking in doing a move. It is a time to purge and cleanse to clean out your living situation. You will be able to buy new threads, rides. I am excited. I am hoping tonight will be a celebration call. In a way we are celebrating since it is so close.
Bruce: I want to thank everybody coming in to listen to the Big Call. It may be our last regular call. The next time you hear us maybe from our pre recorded celebration call. I will put that on our We have enjoyed coming to you every Tuesday and Thursday night.
I am excited now as I ever have been in my life. It has been one of anticipation. The revaluation of the blessing has started. Things have been underway all day today. It is just a matter of our turn. The toll free number will come out soon. Go to sleep and wake up to something new. Take one step at a time going forward. Stay in touch with us. We will take a hiatus, but we will stay in touch. Check in tomorrow if we have done a celebration call or not.
Bruce: Thank you all out there. Thank you all the banks who have tuned in. Thank you all listeners who want to partner with us. Thank you to those from the Administration and your desire to work with us Rebuild America. Thank you in the United States, Canada and internationally for listening. Thank you Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven, and Kent. I will be in touch with you through the website concerning our future calls and recorded celebration call. Good night everybody. Have a great night.