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“The Billionaire Woodshed” – Guest Post by Yosef, November 1st

“The Billionaire Woodshed” – Guest Post by Yosef

Re-posted by request of readers. ~ Dinar Chronicles

The Billionaire Woodshed

February 2, 2016
Posted by Yosef


Heavenly Father, forgive me if this post comes off rude, harsh arrogant or obtusely abrupt, but with that said, ladies and gentlemen please do follow me behind the Billionaire Woodshed reserved exclusively for new RV tycoons, as all need to know the meal the Lord hath prepared.

​Good Morning RV addicts, if you’re reading this, it means you’re one of the 1% that even knows or cares about what is REALLY going on with regards to the Sovereign Hun Elders saving humanity. Mazel tov! You should be commended for your acute sense of interpreting modern day events. However, if you truly take this post to heart, you’ll accept your new job as humanity’s 1% of 1%, tasked with serving your brothers and sisters no matter race, creed or color.

“I want to be a billionaire, so #*#@#&^ bad,” is how the pop song goes right, but do you really understand what being a billionaire entails? I’ll answer that. No, ya don’t. Few do. And it is said what you possess ends up possessing you, so does anyone really know what a billion dollars weighs emotionally, spiritually even physically? I’ll answer that one too… no, ya don’t. Even fewer in fact know how to manage such a vast empire let alone steer clear of all the waiting legal, financial and social obstacles that comes along with great wealth.

Yet anyone with even a few hundred dollars of the right ZIM note will soon be a billionaire. Amazing. What times we live in. Teenagers becoming richer than generations of their family simply by spending baby sitting money on the right web site. Praise the Lord! Heavenly Father does have a great sense of humor!

But are you truly ready to surf this wave of mercy? I mean really ready for the immense responsibility that is certain to follow? Because for far too long, too few have accumulated too much, and too many are living on too little… and the world needs human angels right now not new professional sports team owners.

Yet how many know the first thing about global economic investment strategies or tax ramifications that organically come with managing such large volumes of capital? And do you have a team of people lined up to protect said assets with a redundancy strategy, ready-willing-able to defend your nest egg against fraud, theft and global market collapse? I’ll answer that one as well… oh, heck no.

Bet you didn’t know the banks have already hired thousand of people, teams of money managers, just to process all this fresh meat heading into their banks once the 800#s are released. And they know everything about you, while you know very little about them, or even care for that matter. Ignorance is not bless when it comes to managing money.

Have you ever asked why is gold so valuable? Where does money truly originate from? And if the Lord gives us this blessing, can he also take it away after redemption? Great questions, right? Well maybe, that is if you know the answers.

Ok, so let’s take one big step backwards and look at your future life from 30,000 feet. What do you see? Joy? Pleasure? Rapture? Heaven? Perhaps. I see some of that for everyone, especially early, and certainly financial security for many generations if you plan wisely. But drag out the timeline, and I see much stress and great suffering without a diligent moral core.

Why? Because if you study the lives of existing billionaires, even lottery winners in the hundreds of millions, you see with great consistently utter misery, along with drug and alcohol addicted children, broken marriages and general raw unhappiness. What you rarely see are wealthy people drawing closer to God because money becomes their God… and no one can serve two masters.

So, will you really be better off with this much money? The answer sadly, truthfully, is probably not for some. And unequivocally no for most. Because few are pre-trained to mange millions of dollars let alone hundreds of millions, yet here we are on the verge of harvesting billions.

How can we understand the true scope of this upcoming responsibility without experiencing it first? Truth is we can’t. But all with large currency positions will find out in a few short hours who is ready or prepared to spiritually handle the emotional toll money poses, especially when crisis hits and we seek shelter from the storm. Where to do we run? Who do we turn to? How can we overcome? These too are great questions, if you already know the answer.

How is your current relationship with God? Is it strong? Thriving? How about Jesus Christ? Did you prepare your heart on the inside as much as you did those trust accounts on the outside? Or did you skim the surface spiritually and keep that old life going, waiting for this new life to kick in because you didn’t really believe in the GCR/RV? Is it fair to say you won’t need God after the RV hits? How about Jesus? Is the One Messiah optional in your life as well? And to the Evangelical community I say this, isn’t being 99.9% invested in Christ the same as being 666 upside down when you really look at it!

Well, we will soon know who is ready and who isn’t when the proverbial ^$@! hits the fan, but I will call on God for my strength and direction when I get lost… how about you?

Because a life without God is a dark, empty place folks. We’ve all been there, even those of us who believe firmly in Jesus as God. And stupid stuff like drugs, sex, alcohol, exercise or shiny material things just can’t fill holes embedded in the heart from constant or subtle spiritual neglect.

Asking these “God questions” to yourself is healthy, not because you’re reading this or anticipating big time money coming in the front door, but rather you just want to improve your relationship with the One who Created you.

So many simply cannot see past the getting of this money. In fact, most still believe they’re still waiting to cross some “earthly finish line” with an investment, when in reality Christ has long paid our debts and converted humanity’s currency over 2,000+ years ago when He sacrificed His life for ours on that old wooden cross.

Yo, news flash to all currency holders: we are the 144,000 the bible speaks of in Revelations 7 (httpss:// Grab a backpack and start snatching souls for God.

So what really comes with receiving these billions? I’ll answer that one as well… a lifetime of service.

How many have actually sat down and absorbed the cold, hard truth about what being this wealthy might really entail? So wealthy in fact, you’ll be earning more interest in your sleep than the vast majority of population will throughout the history of their entire working lives. All because you were encouraged to point and click on the right website, and had the gumption to drop a weeks worth of earnings (or less). Wow, that is something to ponder.

Perhaps, just maybe, there’s something more going on here than the conversion of digital credits from paper chits, something bigger than geopolitical change, bigger than you or me. For just as Christ left this earth after mankind tortured and crucified Him, Dorthy sure won’t be living in Kansas anymore after the RV… meaning, things are going to change for you, fast, and of this you can be certain.

And when they do, are you ready to make the necessary changes in your life to honor the blessings that God has bestowed, because you sure as heck didn’t reverse the central banking system from dark to light. Perhaps all humanity is looking at a lifetime of servicing others less fortunate…. which if we’re billionaire is like everyone on the planet?

Hey, did you know 80% of the world lives on less than $2.00 a day? Did you also know that anyone with this kind of access / control of financial resource can end up being owned by it? Meaning, if you don’t actively, aggressively and consciously strive to “give most to all of it away,” the opportunity will without fail end up owning you.

Because wealth on this scale, of this magnitude, is not now nor shall ever be, ours. These billions upon billions are meant for the billions of people in the world to end suffering from a host of earthly ailments, and we are just a temporary stewards in a shared lifetime. Post exchange, all will instantly become very well aware of this fact, and forever be known as shepherds of flock over 7 billion sheep.

Sure it’s been held back illegally and immorally from humanity by the darkest evil’s humanity has ever known, but for some divine reason it has now fallen in your lap to disburse. But too pridefully claim it “as earned” would be doing your soul a reckless spiritual disservice… seriously, we’re talking about a billion plus dollars… in your account… under your mattress… like this week.

Absorb the reality of that for like a split second and if you’re not soiling your pants you honestly are so detached from the realty of the RV it’s way too late for you already. This is really here folks. This is really happening. It’s time to really be ready to step up and be the highest forms of ourselves. Practice time is over.

But Yosef, why berate us with such harsh messages of service over self? Why sling philanthropic rocks at us, the good hearted with honorable souls of mercy with sincere intent? Where does this hidden rage come from? Do you have low blood sugar and just need a Snickers bar (’cause honestly, you’re not yourself when you’re hungry)?

Oh dearest children of the RV light, I will say this once so please listen closely… there is no such thing as money. It’s a fiat concept we were all lead astray to believe, but money is nothing more than one big, fat, giant lie. And this lie goes back as far as the Knights of the Templar in the early 1100’s who convinced Kings and Queens to turn in their gold for worthless chits paper so they would not have to travel town-to-town in harm’s way, carrying fortunes of gold in their horse saddles.

Once the Templars saw how pleased everyone was with the new “insurance concept” of caring paper in lieu of physical gold, they simply began killing Kings and Queens and keeping their gold. This is why they were burned at the stake, as absolute power corrupts absolutely. Yet the debt/usury magic trick worked, and worked well, and it was kept alive and well until sadly our American forefathers fell for the same old trick–hook, line and sinker–when they passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which has now been thrown out by international court rulings.

Mercifully, we are now tasked with cleaning up their mess. Praise the Lord! But no one, not you, not me, not Donald Trump, not J. Paul Getty needs this much of anything let alone fiat paper money. And to quantify this blessing for the sake of example, imagine if you drank a billion glasses of water would you not drown? Or ate a billion cheeseburgers would your heart not stop? Even if you lovingly kissed a billion babies would your lips not fall off? So would spending a billion dollars not make us poor?

No one has the moral right to receive, play, distribute, manage or grow the scope of this kind of wealth without automatically being spiritually obligated to reallocating back out to the masses, in essence agreeing unconsciously to serve humanity’s greatest good for the rest of their lives.

So before you exchange your colorful Internet purchased or gifted currency this week, take a second to think about the ramifications of claiming this kind of wealth, and it obligates you to long-term; as your soul will automatically go on heaven’s ledger with each and every decision, with final judgement coming up against two very clear outcomes–Servant of God or Servant of Self.

Remember, to much is given, much is expected. And in this amount, received in this way, comes with it great burdens equal to such great blessings. Thus, if you decide to go ahead and exchange, may God be with you. Because IMHO you’re choosing a life of service over a life of self in all instances. Breathing life into the old biblical verse “I am brother’s keeper” and making it your daily mantra. (httpss://

Please choose wisely, and think sincerely consider making a lifetime commitment to redistributing “God’s wealth” out to as many needy souls as humanly possible… ’cause heaven is watching.

Humble Servant in Christ,