Love is our new reality

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The Collective of Ascended Masters via Daniel Scranton, September 25th, 2023

The Heroes & Villains on Planet Earth ∞Thymus: The Collective of Ascended Masters
the heroes & villains on planet earth - thymus the collective of ascended masters - channeled by daniel scranton - channeler of aliens
The Heroes & Villains on Planet Earth ∞Thymus: The Collective of Ascended Masters, Channeled by Daniel Scranton
“Blessings. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters.

We are watching over all of you because we want to spread our love and light to you, and because we enjoy watching you grow. It is important for you all to know that you are watched over by so many, because of the interest in the exciting times that you have upon you there on planet Earth. You are seen as the ones who are the most adventurous in the entire universe, and that is bound to get you quite a bit of attention and quite a bit of help from above. You don’t have to take anything that you are experiencing there seriously, however. Knowing that you are playing a game and that it is a simulation should help you to relax a little bit more about what’s going on in your lives and in the entire world. But if your game needs a villain, and you are determined to find out who the villains are, then yes, you will take all of this much too seriously.

Now of course you have those on planet Earth who have agreed to play the role of villain for you, but they truly are your best friends. They are the ones who are willing to take the karmic hit that is required of them to be the villain in your story. They are the ones who have agreed to experience the furthest space that they can from the knowing of who they really are as Source Energy, and that is a very unpleasant place to be in. In that sense, they are the true heroes because they have agreed to play the game with you and to go so far into the cold in order to play their part in the grand story that is the evolution of consciousness there on planet Earth. Now, all of you look up to us who have had the pleasure of playing the role of ascended master to all of you, and it is easy for you to see us as the heroes. 

But we look at you who are playing the roles that you are playing, and the villains who are playing the roles that they are playing, as the true heroes in the story of humanity’s ascension. Now, you may have noticed that we didn’t say what role you are playing there, and that is because you are deciding what that role is in every moment. You can be the helper, the healer, the guide, and the experiencer, or you can see yourselves of the victims of those who have all the power. It is up to you, and sometimes you see those who have all the power as the other people who are in your lives, who are playing the roles of your family members.

And so, you do take back all of your power when you see that the game and the simulation are your creation, and you do have the ability to shift within yourselves at any time and to feel the power of who you really are welling up inside of you at any time. But in order to do so, you have got to admit that love is the answer, and you have got to be willing to explore the love that is inside of you, even if no one out there is showing a willingness to love you. And that is one of the many ways in which you all have set up a very challenging game indeed for yourselves. 

And so we relish the role of the ones who got to show you the way to be love in a world that wasn’t always so receptive to us and to our teachings. We will continue to show you that the love within you is all you need, and we will do so through these messages and by projecting more of our love upon you at all times. We didn’t stop loving humanity when we ascended to the twelfth dimension, but rather, we just got more access to the love that we truly are. And you can access more of the love that you truly are when you agree that the way to do so is to rise up and to know yourselves more as you truly are, more as the infinite love, the unconditional love of the one Source from which we all were birthed. 

That is all for now. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters, and we are always amongst you.”