Love is our new reality

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The Council by Ron Head, June 12

It is you and the time is now.

We seem to have struck a chord! We see that the quote from our former message which is titled ‘Your Divine Nature’ has resonated well with many readers. We have decided, therefore, to expand a little upon that subject. It is time to do this now, as many more of you are becoming open to possibilities of the truth of your being that you would not have been receptive to not so long ago.

Now, lest we awaken your egos to their feelings of importance, let us remind you that everything you see around you is created of divine stuff. So don’t get too puffed up. Your house pet is a divine being, too.

The problem is that you have allowed yourselves to believe the fiction that you are not. And then you even embellish upon that. You are too this, too that, and not enough of the other. And your belief in those things actually produces what you picture. You might say that your DNA and your cells say, “OK. We can make that for you.” Quite a remarkable endorsement for your co-creativeness, wouldn’t you say? But perhaps a teensy bit off in its usage.

But what we wish to discuss in relation to your divinity is that it is always, always with you. It is who you are. And what you feel is the measure of your alignment to it. Feel good about something? Aligned. Feel bad? Guess what!

Now, to the point. Everyone, every person that you meet in your daily lives, is a divine being as well. You may not like what they say. You may detest what they do. But the fact remains that they are a divine son or daughter of the Creator that is learning tough lessons, just as you are. It is entirely possible to love the divinity in them and still not approve of their words or deeds. And it is not incumbent upon you to spend time in their presence. It is yours to love them and to forgive them.

Do not forget also that it is yours to love and forgive yourselves for what you think, say, and do. But learn from it. You will anyway, but it will be faster if you do it now than if you wait for what you call the afterlife to do it. Afterlife? How can anything be after something eternal? You see how even your language refutes what you say that you believe?

And so, if you find yourself having trouble feeling good about someone, look past what they are saying and doing and do your very best to see their true self. See their pain, their struggle. See that they are trying to cope with something you cannot see. Judge the act, if you must. But do not judge the soul. Send that soul love and light. In that way, you and the other will benefit from your experience.

We see a great many of you already do this. So please excuse us when we address things for the benefit of those around you that are being newly awakened. They are eternal beings, too. But now their time has come. And this will be true for more and more dear souls. And that very, very soon. Look around you and see if you do not see huge change developing. Look inside and see it even more clearly.

As it has been said over and over again, it is you and the time is now.


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