Love is our new reality

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The Council via Ron Head, October 27th, 2017

The Council – Collective Intent

This will be a rather short message. However we hope that you will consider it a very important one. We will speak of unity, but from a somewhat different angle.

There are far more of you involved in this raising of the collective consciousness than you are aware of. There is no mass media coverage of the phenomenon. And it is a phenomenon. There have always been those so involved. But the effect was far more of a holding action than a world-wide movement.

What you are mostly unaware of is the thousands upon thousands that are involved in other movements, other practices, other studies than your own. We will tell you that the sum is actually in the millions. You live in every land. You speak almost every language, indeed every one that you would term a major language.

You read many messages that come to you in the manner that we come to you. We use a great many “radio stations” to get our messages across. And we tailor them to appeal to every culture.

Each day, hundreds of thousands of you meditate, pray, visualize, and intend for the raising of the consciousness of your world. And it is having a marvelous effect. If we may, we would offer one more visual for you to incorporate.

Imagine that all of you are gathered in an immense circle and offering your intentions together. Imagine that your planet is within this circle and you are sending your intentions and prayers to her. Imagine yourselves as all supporting each other in this effort.

Now, we will tell you this. Energetically, this is already happening. But you may find yourself being more in accord with your own higher levels, and with those around you, when you do this consciously. And you may find yourself feeling the power of this as it happens. Don’t worry about your clocks. On these planes we don’t use such things. Your spirit does not sleep. Just join in when you can.

One more suggestion:  Remember you are creating something, not fighting something. For is a good word. Against is perhaps not so very good.

Thank you for all the efforts, all of the intentions, and all of the allowing that you do. We celebrate you in great love.


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