Love is our new reality

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The Council via Ron Head, April 3d, 2018

The Council – Nothing Happened Pt 2

Today we continue speaking on the topic of our previous message. This time we address those to whom the major portion of that message was not directed. By this we mean that we now speak to those who do see all of the change around themselves and understand its purpose and inevitable outcome. Those we now speak to are also aware of the changes happening within themselves and understand the implications of this, as well.

Now, of course, like everything else, your perceptions and understanding of them are on a continuum from the less to the more. This you know as normal and nothing to concern yourselves about. These variations are the results of various factors – history, rate of learning, amount of recall, interests, and vastly more. You are better at this. He is better at that. She excels at something neither of you is even interested in. It is a rather large universe.

Historically, you have been programmed to think in terms of how you can bring others to your way of thinking – of believing. If I am right, then she must be wrong. And of course, I am right. So, I must change her. Now, we ask you to please allow this to fall by the wayside. And we will show you a concept that will help you do this.

The concept is: You are wrong, too. And she is right, too. You are all on a learning path. She knows many truths that you do not. You know truths that she does not. And that fellow over there could learn from both of you. But – not if you exclude him by making him wrong, making him less.

We understand that these are things that many of you understand. We bring them forward in order to alert you to the approaching necessity for you to embody them. You will need to do more than just understand many of the concepts that you have learned. You will need to embody those things.

We may be making these this seem difficult to some of you. It need not be. When you reflect upon who and what you truly are, you then need only to allow the possibility that you may also be patient, also tolerant, also kind, also forgiving. And as you can imagine the list can be endless.

Since you know yourselves to be changing, then consider also that you can be all of the things that you desire yourselves to be. All desired change must begin with the allowing of the possibility. You will never be able to become something that you believe to be impossible. You will become what you desire to become when you know it to be possible and when it is best for you. If it is best for all, so much the better.

We also wish to reinforce for you today the knowledge that these changes that you desire so fervently, that you require, are actually happening on an ever increasing level – ramping up, as you say. Many of you are in contact with many in this growing community. You are hearing or reading of the experiences of many others as well as knowing your own. You may be aware also of the increasing frequency of this.

And some of you feel left out. Please don’t. There is not a single cell of your being that is not being affected. This we can promise you. Even without this ‘shift’, as you call it, this would be true. But, in this case, what we are saying is that as the field of the collective consciousness raises its frequency, you absolutely cannot not be affected.

Your learned experience, learned understanding, and therefore learned feeling of separation, is your biggest obstacle. Ponder upon, learn, understand, and celebrate your connection. You are one, dear friends. One in the field of consciousness, and one with us. Remembering this and all of its ramifications IS the path. And your way to the ONE will be unique to you. Unique because no one else stands where you stand, and no one else has walked where you have walked. So how can you be one? Think of the cells of your bodies. Each one is unique. And yet, they comprise the one that is you, do they not? As each of them is to you, so you are to humankind, to Earth, to the solar system, to the galaxy, and to the universe itself.

Your uniqueness can be said to be your purpose, you see. But so is his, and so is hers. You are all different. And you are all alike. And none of you are less than any other, nor greater than any other. Essential! Essential! Without you the world would be other than it is.

When the time comes that you can see others as we see you, you will be in awe. When you look in the mirror and see what we see, you will be in awe. Allow yourselves to be patient, but also to be in joyous anticipation. Allow yourselves to be in enjoyment of your new selves as change occurs, but then let go of it. There is more on the way.

Love to you now. We see this message as complete.


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