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The Council via Ron Head, August 16

The Council

We wish to revisit today our past discussions of a topic. We have spoken often of your consciousness. Today we would introduce a few ways of viewing this extremely important subject that you have perhaps not considered before.

As has been said before, the beginning may be a good place to start. Let’s begin with everything that exists. Everything that exists is energy, is frequency. All energy is conscious. It contains information. It creates. You have various terms and understandings for this. You tend to believe that your term and understanding must be the only correct one, but that is another topic. You also tend to personify this Source. That is also another discussion in itself.

Have you taken the next obvious step in your thinking? If it is all energy, and it is all conscious, then everything you can see around you is to some degree conscious. All-That-Is is conscious. That is. Therefore that is conscious.

We have previously told this channel that there are further things that can be intuited from this. For instance, if everything is one field of consciousness including oneself, and if one is unaware of what is being held in the consciousness of what one is looking at, then what one is looking at is in what you term your subconscious. Also, consider that if it is in the conscious field but unknown to your awareness, then it is possible for you to become aware of it.

Does this not open up a whole new universe of possibilities to you? All of the things that you considered impossible, or possible only to others, beyond your capability and ‘magical’ just become as normal as walking and talking when you view your mind in this way.

Now, everyone is not a mechanic, or a physicist, or a mathematician. Neither will everyone express themselves in the same ways in conscious abilities of perception and communication. Nor will everyone be moving things around with only their will and focus. But this is not for lack of capability so much as differences in need, experience, and focus. Farmers have little need of string theory, do you see? But physicists do not usually know much about soil composition either. So on another note, please do not continue to judge one as being above another. Both are needed.

So, back to our subject, look around you right now, and realize that everything you are seeing is conscious energy expressing itself temporarily as the things you are looking at. It is solid, if that is what you are looking at, because you perceive it as solid. You are solid because you agree to be solid. And no, we are not saying that you can terminate that agreement abruptly. So please continue to be solid for the moment. But we hope to be giving you entirely new things to consider regarding your ‘reality’. Reality is what it is, yes. But perhaps your human understandings of what that is are not as accurate as you think.

Now consider this. To some extent your perceptions influence the entire world around you. You may understand that you influence your immediate surroundings far more than what is far removed from you. But that also means that your ability to change what is in your life at a particular time is something that you can have an effect upon. It means you are not a helpless victim of circumstance. Of course, if you feel the need to be a helpless victim, you are free to do so. But in taking ownership of the power of your thoughts and feelings to influence your world, you will begin to learn who you are. You will begin to understand why you are. You will begin to see what your place is meant to be in this ‘grand scheme of things’ that you love to make reference to.

There are many things that you frequently express the desire to have and to do. But we wish to tell you this day that until you claim for yourself that you are the one whom we tell you that you are, you will not find within yourself the power to have and to do those things. You have been carefully taught that those abilities are not human abilities. We tell you that they certainly are.

Many consider these things to be divine in nature. And we say that you are correct. And you may claim them. And since you are now thinking in new ways, what does that mean? Who are you?

What, after all, does the word ascension mean to you? Ponder that. What does it mean and why would it be possible? And it is possible! Go for it. We’re saving you a seat.


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