Love is our new reality

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The Council via Ron Head, August 26

The Council

Today we will speak of value. This is not a subject we have addressed here before, but we feel that at this time it may be well to do so.

What is value? How may it be best determined? Is it being determined in the best way today? Let us suggest today that perhaps the understanding of what value is may need to be modified somewhat.

The true measure of value is whether a thing, a thought, or an action is beneficial to life. The ultimate value to a being, to your being, is life itself. Does the thing being valued enhance life? Does it harm life? That is always at the heart of your own determinations, is it not? Perhaps you might be mistaken, but do you not always determine your valuation of something by what you perceive to be best for yourself?

We would suggest, however, that Life be capitalized and be thought of as the one and only universal thing. And then it would be obvious we think that true value would be what is best for the enhancement of all life. Now, you may not feel as though you are the best judge of what is best for all life. And that may very well be true. However, you are hard-wired to do what is best, in your understanding, for yourself. So you may use that measuring stick and apply it to those things that are not personal to you.

That is exactly the basis for what you call The Golden Rule. If it is not the best for me, then I will not do it to another. If it would not benefit my life, I will not do it. Period.

Ah, but what if one is short-sighted? What if one is only concerned with one’s own immediate gratification? That is precisely the major problem on your world today, is it not? And we suggest then that the remedy is for you, as a species, to make the simple change from self-gratification to concern for Life itself. What is best for all? What will be best over the long term? How can I, how can we, improve the quality of Life? That would quite likely be different from the answer to “How can I have more?” And that is why you do understand that those who think and act in that higher way deserve to be held in greater respect.

These are not ideas that are unknown to you. They are not secrets. They are things that your world has, for far too long, chosen to ignore. And that disregard for the consequences to others, to Life itself, has led you to your present situation. Whether one chooses to see it or not, your world is on the precipice of the collapse you have been warned of for many decades. We think that perhaps it is time for your societies to re-think where they are going.

Now, lest this message get too dark, let us say that we see your world waking up to these things in many, many ways and in a great many places. You are not being told of this, because it is not yet perceived that good news ‘sells’. But that too will change in time.

The value, the benefit to Life, of love, of caring, of helping, of lifting others, other beings, Life itself is being recognized and spread everywhere. This is beginning to be seen and felt. The calamities that happen in places far away are bringing humanity to humanity. That is a cute turn of phrase, is it not?

You are learning to value the quality of life that other beings have as much as you value your own. You are learning to come together for the benefit of all. And when your environment threatens you, you are beginning to even consider your environment. It’s funny how that works. You may even begin to outnumber those who refuse to think in these new ways. It could happen. It is happening.

This is and will continue to be the effect of your expansion of consciousness. It is also one of the main reasons for the need to expand your consciousness. And it is the reason for us always telling you to learn to live from your heart. That is living in empathy and compassion, you see. That is concern for Life. That is value. That is the true measure.

And when one of you begins to live in this way, it has effects upon the mind and the body. The entire life will be transformed. The energy in which you find yourselves now is enhancing this as never before.

We have spoken of this repeatedly in recent messages. The energy signature of your planet is being raised by you and is raising yours, as well. There is contributing energy being applied from outside also in every way that is possible. It is decided that your world will change. You, know it or not, have decided to change it. You, know it or not, have decided to change. And we continue to support you in every way possible. Consider this Council as the planning committee and yourselves as the boots-on-the-ground. That is how it works. And that is the only way it will work.

A savior has been sent. Tag, you’re it. Now, we know that seems to be the hard way. You really would like to have overwhelming outside help. But the point, you see, is for you to learn and grow, for Life to learn and grow. And you did, you are, and you will… marvelously. If it helps you to understand, then know that this is always the way, everywhere. You are not selected to be the only ones to do this. You are just the current ones, the local ones. Congratulations.


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