Love is our new reality

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The Council via Ron Head, August 6th

Greener Grass – The Council

the councilGreener Grass – The Council

Many of you are going through a time of great personal change, both internal and external. This is not an easy time. As you get nearer and nearer to the precipitating events that you are in anticipation of, you are feeling as if you are being forced through a tiny opening and you don’t know what is on the other side. We smile as we point out the similarity of that to what you call birth, and the analogy is indeed very apt. In this case, you have all participated in creating what is beyond that point, and since that is the case we think you will indeed find that the grass will be greener.

Some of you are being stretched and pounded almost to your breaking points. We do appreciate that. We are aware. Actually there is no way we could not be aware, but that is not the topic today.

Several possibilities exist. You may be a fit for any one or more of them. You may be clearing the last of the things that you cannot bring into the new lives you are creating. You may be forging a self that is so strong that what is before you will seem like relief. It will be new, but rose gardens may remain in the future for many.  And you may simply need to learn one last lesson. Most of you will be in the midst of a mixture of all of these. We can, however, offer a promise.

You are about to see some of the visible change that you have yearned for, asked for, prayed for, and worked for, for many lifetimes and much of this lifetime. All that is being shown to you every day in your media would tend to show otherwise, but realize that the aim of those media is to keep you confused and unaware. If you are one who experiences inner knowings and feelings, give greater weight to those than to anything else.

You may think of those feelings and that knowing as our voice and the voice of your own higher selves. You may do so because you will be entirely correct. The more you rely upon it, the greater its strength and accuracy will become. You may even begin to discover how very much of what you ‘think’ and ‘feel’ originates from a part of yourself that you have been totally unaware of up till now.

You may begin to hear us. Eventually you may even begin to see us. And many will not allow this because of what they have been taught about such things. But let us assure you that when that happens, you will not be ‘going crazy’. It will simply be due to the expansion of your awareness beyond what you have known before in this life. And how will you know?

Without exception, the higher part of yourselves, your guides, and your teachers will feel to you as if you are being enveloped in a love that surpasses any you have known. That is, if you will, our signature. We always endeavor to encode our messages with this love, and if you have followed these for long, as many of you have, you have very likely felt this before. When you feel it, you will know that we are present. Actually we are not ever absent, but you will have the best indicator that you have focused your consciousness onto our frequency. We use those words quite often – awareness, consciousness, frequency. We do that because they are the true ground of all being. They are that of which you – and we – are made. And that, dear friends, is a good indicator of where you are in your advancement.

So we can promise you that you are about to see change that will show you how very worthwhile all of these last years, months, and weeks have been.

Love and blessings to each of you now. Good day.