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The Council via Ron Head, December 10th

There is a Great Deal of Talk

The Council

The CouncilThere is a great deal of talk in your media about religion vs. religion, nation vs. nation, and race vs. race. Unfortunately, in order for you to define who you are, it is necessary at some point for you to see what you are not, or what you refuse to be. That is just the function of the mirror in your societies. It is not seen clearly that the vast majority of you are using this to say internally, “I am not that. I do not concur!” It is not necessary for you to ‘fight’ anything. It is enough that you be who you define yourselves to be. And toward that end we would make a couple of points.

It is not that the other person, the person of a different skin color is better than you or lesser than you. It is not that the poor are less nor the wealthy better… or worse for that matter. It is not that he or she who does not happen to know all of the things that you know is not as worthy. It is not that they are even different, you see. It is exactly that they are other aspects of the being that you are. It is as if your right hand is declaring war on your left foot. Would that happen?

Actually, it does happen in the sense that one aspect of your consciousness if too often fighting with another. You are a mass of conflicting beliefs. You do not have the ability to be other than what you are, and yet you allow others to tell you what you should be, and you agree with them when they condemn you for not being that.

However, let us also say that the reason that this is a problem for you now is that you are awakening to the realization that this is not how it ought to be. Or rather, you are seeing through the deceit to the truth. You are beginning to suspect that what little did manage to slip through in your revered books is actually true. Those teachers actually said what they meant. I am what they said I am. I can be what they said I can be.

Now, don’t do what has been done before. Don’t think that because you have that realization, if you have it, it means that you need to mount your steed and convert the world. Live your live as the one in realization. That is a more powerful way to teach than any other. Neither does it mean, however, that you ought to hide away and keep your truth a secret.

As you begin to gain more and more understanding of the unity of all, none of that will be an issue for you anyway. Your light will leave its mark everywhere.

Once again we find ourselves explaining what will happen, and at the same time, what is already happening. The problem is these words that you need to string together. What they actually are is the unpacking of a total concept so that it can be re-packaged in your linear way of thinking. Something gets lost in the process, but a great deal gets through, perhaps enough so that some of you can begin to receive the packets for yourselves. You call these the “Aha!” moments we spoke of. You’ll find them inside you. Picture humanity as a student that is a little happy with herself. And picture us as giving her a hug of appreciation.

And that, dear friends, is where we will await you. In deepest love we leave you until next we speak.


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