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The Council via Ron Head, December 21st, 2017

The Council – More Cycles

You know, if you have given it some thought, that mankind has tracked the cycles of the heavens for vast stretches if time. Things such as the cycles of the Mayan calendar, for instance, were not arrived at after a cursory glance at the skies. Such knowledge was not unique to that culture. At some point, it must dawn on your scholars that your predecessors were not even nearly as ignorant as you have been taught.

They based everything upon the cycles they observed. One such cycle was the annual trip your sun seems to make through the heavens. On this day of each year, your star reaches an apparent point as far south as it will travel. It has moved in incrementally smaller steps each day to this point, and now it is ‘the day the sun stands still’. This is, of course, only apparent, and very slowly it will appear to move in the opposite direction. This was called by many the rebirth of the sun. And as cycles and their effects go, that was fairly accurate, especially to those whose societies were agricultural.

You can understand that the rebirth of the sun would have come to signal celebrations. And it did just that. There were all sorts celebrations in a great many places. Over time they evolved. They were buried under deeper and deeper layers of meaning. Some still are known, and others are long forgotten. But almost all of you are celebrating some sort of holiday in this season.

This wonderful. This is a time of your year when the frequencies of your planet are raised, and no matter the reason, this is a good thing.

So happy, or merry, or joyous celebration of whatever you are celebrating now to each one of you. Your sun is being reborn. And every cycle for the rest of your lives will bring more joy and reason to celebrate. Always know this regardless of how events seem to present. Look to see how they may bring your greatest good, and you will find that they do just that.

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