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The Council via Ron Head, February 4th, 2019

The Negativity that you See | The Council via Ronald Head

The negativity that you see – The Council

February 4, 2019

Many of your questions concern the negativity that you see around you. We have chosen one of these questions to include below, but our intent is to address them all.

“If our world is based in duality, how has darkness and negativity run so rampant for thousands upon thousands of years in here? Shouldn’t there have been 50 percent positive entities in the world and 50 percent negative entities?”

Now first we must point out to you that these observations are judgments. And second we say that the viewpoint that you have is relative. Societies that are, and those that have been, of lower vibration see the division between lower and higher much differently than you do. You only need to reflect on the fact that many in Rome considered the Roman games in a positive light. Even today some consider stoning to be an appropriate punishment. While those of a higher vibration would consider the idea of punishment itself to be quite negative. And, yes, we realize that you are not there yet.

Having said all of that, let us answer the question.

Once more we must say that your view of the state of the world has been quite warped by the availability of instant information. Not that this is a bad thing in itself, but that you are being shown the worst of yourselves all day every day.

We want to ask you now to take an honest look at what is around you. We do not mean a television look. We mean what do you see? You see mothers and fathers, you see people at work. They are earning a living by doing for others things that others do not do for themselves. You see people enjoying friendships, enjoying pets, enjoying family. Of course there are exceptions to this. But it is the exceptions that are getting all of the attention.

You wonder why there is not a 50/50 balance. Dear family, there is far better than a 50/50 balance, and there always has been. You are told that humanity is bad in nature. Humanity is divine in nature. You have allowed. You have been tricked. You have been lied to. You have believed the worst. And even so, you have lifted yourselves to this juncture.

Yes, things can look rather awful at the moment. You are facing yourselves quite bravely. And during times of stress, time seems to stand still. But nothing could be more mistaken. You are moving rapidly toward reckoning and renewal.

This is not being done for you. This is not being done to you. You are doing this. You have said, in these higher octaves, “Enough! This has gone too far!” You are restoring yourselves and your world.

Do not deny what has been. But do celebrate what you are creating. You are rising above the negativity. A time will come when many things that you think of as positive might be seen as somewhat negative. But consider, every experience that humanity has been through has brought you to this point. So, was it really negative?

All experience is an opportunity to observe and make choices. The trajectory of humanity will always be one that is rising. You are divine. How could it not be?

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