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The Council via Ron Head, February 5th, 2019

Oneness – The Council

February 5, 2019

Today we want to take a closer look at the concept of oneness, unity. So many of your questions would be resolved if you were to really examine your own thoughts more completely. We choose to include the question below, but once again, it represents many others.

“Does the divine source (all-that-is consciousness) at all concern itself with our human matters or is it entirely detached from our lives given its “no free-will interference” directive? And if this is so, would it imply that the creator does not really give a damn about what we do and what we don’t and how we experience our lives and how reality shapes itself?”

Divine Source does concern Itself with human matters. Divine Source concerns Itself with feline matters. It concerns Itself with arboreal matters, with planetary matters, and with astral matters.

We have said, and we say again, that God, Creator, Source, call It what you will, is in all things. We have said many times that all is energy, all is fields of vibration, there is no separation. We have said each of you is a divine being because of what we just stated.

Does It or He or She concern itself with your matters? It is you! It is us. It is that. It is this. You cannot find anything in the multiverses that it is not.

Do you concern yourself with the matters of your left hand? The matters of your heart? Of your knees? These are silly questions, correct? Why? Because they are you. There is no separation between you and any of your parts.

Now, it is a part of the illusion that you have built that you and Source are separate. We are telling you that it past time for that to end. It is time to begin dispelling that entire illusion and to begin returning to the realization of the oneness.

It is the fear of the ego, that has enjoyed the feeling of being in control, that this return will end its existence. It will not. If you did not need an ego to function there, there would not be one. But dominion over your personal world is not its designed function. This you added as a necessary part of the illusion.

You also added “Fear God!” “I am a God fearing person.” Why? Because you allowed yourselves to be taught that your unconditionally loving God, the God who is love, will damn you to everlasting torment if you do, say, or even think this or that. How unconditional is that?

Now, about the Oneness thing. And this answers a great many other questions that you have asked, as well. It is obvious to all that within the oneness there are many individuals. There are untold billions of life forms on untold billions of planets in untold billions of galaxies. Each and every one of those creations, and we are including those cosmic bodies, are living and conscious. They are not going to cease to exist as consciousness. Nor are you. Nor are various entities that are communicating with you. Nor is your cat.

Each of these viewpoints of experience, if you look at them in that way, have the purpose inherent in all life. Go! Experience! Be!

Yes! God concerns Itself with you. You often ask, “If there is a God, why does He allow this to happen?” And we answer, “Good question. Why do you?”

Search for the unity. Search for the oneness. Search for the knowing. You may consult with others. You may ask us. But ultimately, the answers will be known by you, remembered, as soon as you encounter them. This is ‘within’. This has always been taught. “Seek and ye shall find.” Probably not by tomorrow morning, however, although there is that possibility.

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