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The Council via Ron Head, January 21st, 2019

Further discussion of ‘the field’ – The Council

January 21, 2019

We feel that some further discussion of ‘the field’, as we term it, will answer this reader’s question.

“When I use a technique of feeling or visualizing a source point of love within my heart center and then concentrate on increasing it and feeling the energy expand, how is that energy flow expanding? Is the energy coming from with me, am I opening a portal or link to something? When I align with and feel into raising my vibration in the moment, what am I connecting with?”

As we proceed with this explanation, please bear in mind that we are discussing movements, vortices, and flows within the energy field that is All-That-Is. Also, we would hope you understand that this field is conscious and aware. We could say It is, we could say He is, or we could say She is. She is called many names on your world. Imagine how many other names across the multiverses. Contrary to what many of you believe, He does not need you to call Him anything specific, nor does She care. Enough of that. Let us answer your question.

You are a collection of many frequencies, flows, and vortices of energy that are part of a vastly larger collection. This description is repeated above you, below you, and all around you. And it is all One.

Within you there are a large number of vortices. There is an ancient word for wheels, chakras, that your society has become familiar with. It is used to point to those vortices. Most of you are aware of at least the seven major ones. They are foci of certain frequencies.

Through you there is a flow of energy. As this moves through you, it creates a toroidal flow, but basically it is a through flow. In one end and out the other. If this did not exist, you would not exist.

Now, here you are trying to connect with this energy. That is not a ‘mistake’, but it is somewhat of a misperception. As we stated, you cannot not be connected. But you can, and usually do, restrict this flow. A clearer visual would be that of increasing the flow.

When more energy flows out of you than flows in, you will feel depleted. Emotionally, you will feel drained, depressed, alarmed, etc. When the flow is balanced, you will feel invigorated, joyful, happy, powerful, etc. When more energy is flowing in than is able to flow out, you may feel blocked, stuck, at a loss.

Now it is good to visualize or even feel this flow and to feel it leaving through your hands, for instance, if you are a healer. There are many systems that teach this. But it is also possible to just fill oneself with this energy and let it flow out all around you. You are a field, after all, not really a garden hose. Though that visual can be quite useful, as well.

But, keeping that image of a field in mind, you can easily see that anything that raises any part of that greater field will have an influence upon the entire field. So, you are ‘in service’ to All as well as to yourself. And you are doing nothing, as well as doing all that can be done.

As for the last part of your question, “What am I connecting with?”, you are connecting with what you perhaps call God. But energy may also be directed. You call that prayer or meditation. So you may also connect with those you call guides, teachers, or higher aspects of yourselves.

We hope this is of help to you. We appreciate the question. And, if it prompts further questions, please ask. You may receive your answer in this manner, which will help others, or you may receive your own insights. Those will also help others if you share them when you are asked.

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