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The Council via Ron Head, July 27

Feeling Stuck – The Council

Once again we will re-visit a subject we have spoken of before. We hear so many of you who are on your paths saying “I’m stuck. Nothing is happening.” And we are addressing this through many of our channels once again. In order to make sense of our answer you will need to accept our interpretation of your circumstances, and this is usually something we do not like asking you to do. We would rather tell you to look around and reassess what you see. But in this case, there is yet not much for you to see. That is really what is causing your feeling. If you could see what we see, you would not feel the way that you do.

Regardless of what personal path you are living, your communal goals for this lifetime are those involving the ascension of yourselves and your planet and civilization. You will have feelings that involve your personal situation. You will also have much more nebulous, but still powerful feelings which relate to the current collective state of consciousness. That is, in fact, what you are experiencing at this time. And this begs the question, “What state of consciousness are you referring to?”

There are those who are telling you that you are standing upon the threshold of an immense change in almost every facet of your world. They are telling you that your own internal changes will be just as monumental. You have been told that the waiting has gone on long enough, and you have agreed with this. You have actually replied that wish it to begin now. Well, my friends, you are about to get your wish.

You are in a time of releasing and clearing. You are in a time of rest. You are gathering yourselves for the great leap that approaches. We see it. You do not. If you did, you would be quite happy to have this period. The parts of you that are still on this side of the ‘veil’ understand. You should be aware by now that the parts of yourselves of which you are aware, at least for the greatest percentage of you, are actually only a very small part of your totality. Changing that is in great part what ascension is all about. And that is happening.

It is actually not possible for you to be ‘stuck’. Nothing in creation is not undergoing some change at some rate. The only thing that never changes is change. Ironic isn’t it?

In addition we would say that there are indeed some of you that are experiencing periods of chaos as you prepare, as you clear the deck so to speak. Just know that it is far better to do this now than when the real chaos starts.

And when that does indeed begin, please keep in mind that the huge shift you desire will not happen without some degree of what will appear to be total confusion. Venture past the building site of any new construction and try to envision the beautiful structure that the architect envisioned. What you see is great piles of materials that cannot be made sense of as they are laying about. But that beautiful building is there in its potentiality. That is where you are about to stand. And you will be doing the construction. Your dreams and intentions are the blueprints. Your lives will be the mortar and the nails. If you don’t mind too much, we will kibitz and offer a bit of advice here and there.

Soon enough you will have at least enough built for you to have an enjoyable world to live upon. We can promise that because we see the finished product. Congratulations.



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