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The Council via Ron Head, June 2nd

The Expansion of Your Consciousness

The CouncilThe Council – The Expansion of Your Consciousness

Today we will discuss the expansion of your consciousness. It is time to have this discussion, not because it is something that will soon happen – it is always happening – but because you have reached a point at which you may want to give some conscious thought to what you may experience.

Now we do not wish to structure what you may consider here. But we will give you some examples of choices you might make that you may very well deem beneficial. The choices you make will not be limits. That is, they will not happen to the exclusion of other expansions of your awareness. But making a choice to focus on something will allow you to begin seeing, hearing, or feeling things that you have, up till now, not seen, heard, or felt.

Do you wish to, for example, be more able to interact with others in a loving way? Would increased empathy help in this regard? Do you wish to be able to pick up on thoughts that are directed toward you? Do you want to know what your pet is thinking? Yes, they think. Do you want to explore other times or places? The ways that your knowing can expand are endless. We are simply saying that at this time you might wish to give some focused thought to the matter. Why do we say that?

The change in your awareness has already begun. Have you noticed yourself reacting to things in ways you did not expect? Are you often more emotional than you have been previously? A large number of you are already experiencing things that are new to you.

Some of you have even wondered if you are ‘going crazy’. Well, you are not going crazy friends, you are developing, evolving. Much of what is possible for you has previously been said to be abnormal. What does abnormal mean? It means simply that most people did not have such experiences. Most people do not see auras… yet. Does seeing auras mean that one is crazy? No. Does not seeing auras mean that one is challenged in some way? Again no.

But many of you have a laundry list, so to speak, of things that you want to become capable of. We are simply saying that you are nearing the energetic level that will allow you to begin gaining those capabilities. And we would have you consider some things now.

Why do you want these things? How and to what end will you use them? How will you not use them? Do you know that you can choose not to develop them and may have already done so? Do you want to travel the galaxy? Why? Where? Fun, by the way, is allowed. Are you going to be frightened by what you see, hear, experience?

If your answer to the last was yes, you may want to reconsider, or you may want to do some studying. If you can imagine that hearing all of the thoughts going on around you would be, at the least, a bit disconcerting, you may want to explore how to be in control of that. Perhaps the best way to manage all of the above is to determine that you will develop your understanding of unconditional love. That is, after all, the baseline of all of this. But in the learning of this, do not forget to include yourself.

The main message here is that you are now indeed changing, and perhaps it would be a good idea to be more aware of the changes to your awareness. In other words, do it with intent. Do it with desire. Do it with focus. And do it with acceptance and gratitude.

What will you become? Have fun with that.

As always, we celebrate you and remain with you in love and support in every moment.


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