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The Council via Ron Head, March 18th, 2017

The Council – Expectations

Today the channel had a conversation regarding this subject and we would like to speak further about it.

You often have expectations regarding where you want to go, where you want your path to lead to. You want to experience this. You want to develop that. Is this the right path for me? Is this the best thing for me to be doing? Why am I ‘stuck’? I’m not going anywhere. Frustrated. Frustrated. Frustrated.

First, let us say that if you have agreed to be on a journey of a spiritual nature, and you have not made the decision to end that journey, then you are on the journey. Your soul, oversoul, higher self (take your choice) is not about to let you out of that agreement so easily. It is why you are there, after all. You are not stuck. So. Why are you frustrated?

You have certain expectations, don’t you? And those expectations are based upon what?  Experience? Or do you just expect to be like someone else? Do you expect it to be as you were led to believe it would be? “I want to have all those cool abilities that the yogis have.” “I want to see this.” “I want to hear that.”

Now, in the past, a very few people were able to make such personal change over many lifetimes. They did not go to a certain guru for a month and become enlightened. There is no spiritual shopping mall. Many, many of you have made far more progress than you even imagine. But such progress is not measurable in such ways.

Relieving such frustration as we mentioned above can be easily explained in a few words. Notice that we did not say that the doing of it will be quite so easy. It will take the determination to apply the simple concept. But, it will be worth any such effort.

You can actually have no idea what your life will be like when you have moved into a new way of being. Why? Because you have never been there and anything you have been told is hearsay. You are now, and you will continue to be, unique.

You are basing your expectations on observations of others. You can only see the surface, not the reality. You are expecting things that you have decided that you want, without any true idea of what you need. And you are expecting instant gratification. Is this not so? Not to mention that you feel uncomfortable… because you have never been here before.

Your Self – notice the capital – is going to provide you with what you need for your Self’s purpose. And it will see that you have all that is needed first, if there is anything. But even that knowledge will not eliminate your frustration. There is, however, a magic formula.

But first, let us describe to you what your frustration is doing. It is causing the body that you live in no end of trouble. It is making chemical soup for your cells that you would not wish to have, and that is making you ill, one drop at a time.

So, what would cause your body to make chemical ambrosia for your cells to live in? What would make you stronger, healthier, and younger?

What if you spent all of the time that you are expecting a certain outcome – and feeling frustrated – celebrating the progress you are making? What if you were giving thanks for where you are compared to where you were? This would produce entirely different feelings and emotions, and those feelings and emotions would produce entirely different body chemistry. And we promise you that your ‘progress’ would accelerate immensely. But you would probably be so happy that you wouldn’t care.

Try it. You’ll like it.


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