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The Council via Ron Head, March 4th, 2018

The Council – Am I Going Nuts?

March 4, 2018


We will continue speaking today of what is going on now, but we will bring the discussion a little closer to home for a great many of you. If we do not speak specifically about a situation in which you find yourself, do not feel left out. No one is left out. These are universal changes. Just expand the concepts into the situation you are in.

You know that you are approaching massive change. You know that you are, in fact, actually moving into the leading edges of it. You know this because you follow this and other sources. And yet some of you are experiencing things that are upsetting to you. They upset you because no one has told you that you should expect them and what they might mean.

Now there are many lists available to you of what you call ascension symptoms. And we recommend that you find and read or listen to some of them. You may find your own experience listed, but even with as many lists as there are, all of the possible changes you may be undergoing are not in those lists. Why? Because each of you is unique.

Think of it this way; each of you is being enabled to contribute your greatest gifts to those who may need you. Not only have you signed up for the assignment, but you have spent many lifetimes learning what you know. But you have hidden it from others, even from yourselves in many cases. Some of you came in remembering, but you thought you should bury those memories at some point in your lives.

Crunch time is here, however. You don’t want to miss this. So allow these changes in you to happen. Allow your hands to get hot or to tingle or throb at times. Allow yourself to see what you have never seen, and do not dismiss it. Allow yourself to hear us, and do not think you are losing your mind. Mark well the times when synchronicities occur. Take note of the times, however fleeting, when you feel an overwhelming oneness with everything around you. And the list could get a great deal longer.

We know that you are very reluctant to speak of these things. Your history accounts for this. You will not be racked or burned this time. Now, some of those you might tell will not understand. But telling them will at least plant a seed. There will be many times, though, when you mention something to another and are amazed at the flood of gratitude you receive when they discover that they can confide in you. Those like-minded souls are truly all around you. They just are as reluctant to expose themselves as you are.

Allow. Allow yourselves to be. Allow yourselves to expand. Allow yourselves to find out who you truly, truly are. The self that you are has nothing to fear. That fear has been carefully taught to you. Stop dancing with it.

When you decide to do this, ask for help if you feel the need to do so. It is not weakness. We stand ready.

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