Love is our new reality

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The Council via Ron Head, November 19th

The Council

In the wake of recent events on your world, let us discuss something that we have not addressed directly here before. Let us speak of unity. It is spoken of as brotherhood, sisterhood if you like. But it goes far deeper than either of those labels would imply.

We would have you begin to think far more often in terms of unity. You see brotherhood and sisterhood still carry in their current understandings at least a trace of the idea of you and I, of me and thee. We think it is far more advantageous at this time for all to begin removing traces of separation from their thinking whenever and wherever possible.

It is demonstrable in your time that there is no separation. It is something that most of your earth will agree with whenever the conversation gets into fields, and energies, and the properties of the Universe.council2

However, it is almost never considered in the day to day living of your lives. It is not being considered now in the aftermath of recent events, especially in regard to certain groups and individuals.

These are concepts that are not new. Your teachers have brought them to your attention for thousands of years. They are, however, too easily thrown out in the atmosphere of panic and fear that such events are actually meant to stir up.

The actual truth of being is that those individuals that have been used to raise panic in your minds and hearts are not only no different from you, but they are actually a part of you. There is quite literally no separation at all.

Now it is one thing to entertain such a concept in quiet discussion or even in meditation. It is another to make it part of one’s foundation, to live each day in the knowledge of the truth of it. But, dear friends, that is exactly what you put yourselves there to do. Do you want a path to walk? Do you want a banner to carry? Walk that one. Carry that one.

This is not a political thing. This is not a religious thing. This is what it means to be a worker of the light. This is what it should and will mean to be human. Let no one who is frightened, hungry, without shelter, or wounded in any way go without succor. And may we point out that to deny this and still pretend to wrap oneself in the trappings of any religion known on your world is at best ludicrous.

You are being played, friends. You are being used by forces that are truly despicable, greedy, power hungry, and desperate. We know that the great majority of those who will read this already are awake to everything that we have said. However, we ask those to understand that we are speaking to others whose minds and hearts are just waking up.

Be love. Whatever happens in this last period of the great awakening that is occurring, be love. Be one. Be the divine that you are beginning to understand that you are. Allow no more separation to exist in your hearts. This is our earnest prayer for you.


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