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The Council via Ron Head, November 24th, 2017

The Council – Freedom or Control

We see that greater and greater numbers of you are awakening to the actual conditions in the societies that you live in. It is blatantly obvious to those who dare to examine their lives that a great discrepancy exists between what they have been told their condition is and what it truly is. And the methods being used to keep those conditions in place are also becoming quite obvious when anyone dares to look for them. You are being asked not to pay attention to the man behind the curtain, not to watch what the left hand is doing, and to pay attention to today’s version of bread and circuses.

There was a movement just two hundred plus years ago to free humanity from the control of the few who considered themselves as having the right to be its controllers. One of the more visible outcomes was the creation of a new country that put guarantees in place to ensure individual freedoms. Slowly, but very surely, those guarantees have been chipped away. And now you are told you are free, that you live in a democracy – it never was intended to be a democracy but a republic – and that your law is constitutional. Yet your eyes seem to see quite a different picture.

You have been slowly told to seek your freedom, safety, and peace in ever increasing amounts of control. “If you let us control this little bit here, you will be safer.” This was always a lie.

All of the freedoms that you took for granted at first you still have… if you have purchased a license from the controllers, and IF they do not perceive it as a threat to themselves. And those controllers have evolved.

Two hundred years ago those in control were people. Now those reins are held by business entities that have no allegiance to, nor liability to, anything except their own interests. And very often their interests are not the interests of human or any other life.

Now let’s look at how things are progressing. And things are progressing.

Every single day more of you, in every area of the world, every society, are awakening to the actual circumstances of your lives. Every day you are realizing that the only power anyone has over you is power that you have relinquished. And you are beginning to see that solutions lie in unification with your neighbors.

Many are seeing that their own personal changes result in changes around them. There is a gathering of numbers, and there is a gathering of momentum. Most of you do not see that yet. But we are telling you that you shall soon see it in unmistakable ways.

One of the messages that you have been sent recently said, “The gloves are off.” You may take that to mean that, even though we are limited in the methods we use, for instance we usually do not appear in your physical world, we will no longer stand by and allow you to be abused, misused, nor misled. Things change. And they change now.

Now one of the things that you may choose to do for yourselves from this point is to examine the reasons that you think what you think and do what you do. How much of it has been in agreement with what you have been told, and how much of it has been a result of your own experience? That will keep you busy for quite a while. And it will surprise you.

When you look at your world 20, 10, even 5 years from now, you will be amazed at how different it will be. But consider this. What will you have done to re-create  it? Your thoughts, your beliefs, and your intentions are going to contribute far more to that than you can imagine. Think about what you want that world to be like.

Love to all of you and each of you. Good day.



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