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The Council via Ron Head, October 30th, 2017

The Council – Is Reality Real?

Over and over again you say, or hear, “That is not real” or “It’s all an illusion”. And, in fact, we have stated as much ourselves many times. And this is a valid statement. But we wish to explain this a bit further today. In doing so, we will contradict ourselves, or seem to.

Reality is totally real. Or you could say, “It is what it is.” But we will not say that because our channel does not exactly love that phrase. And now we will explain our point.

Reality is. It, of itself, is not illusion. The particles and energies are real. The atoms are real. The molecules are real. The cells, if cells are involved, are real. Period. So, reality is real. None of it is ever permanent, however, and that must be understood.

What you see, however, what you hear, what you feel, are all interpretations of the incoming energy. And that, friends, is 99 and 44/100 percent illusion. Even the very most astute of you does not, and cannot, process the full spectrum of information that your senses have available to them. And so, you do not see all that is there. You do not hear it all. You knit together a picture of what is that, even at its best, is only a partial semblance of what is. And after you have done that, you interpret it through your individual filters.

The result of that is a ‘reality’ that is agreed upon by all of you that contains billions of variations. And you assume that this is not so. And you are shocked when others don’t see it in the same way you do. Well, now you do not need to be shocked anymore. You preside over your own unique world. It is as magical, or as terrible, as you made it, or perhaps allowed it to become.

Now, that sounds like what you call a downer. But the truth is, it is exactly why you are the one that can change it.

Changing what is outside of you is almost always the first thing you try to do. It is also the most difficult by far. And so, there grows the feelings of defeat. And you allow yourselves to be told it is impossible by those who would have you believe that.

It is not impossible if you realize that what you can change is the creative mechanisms. You can change them because they are within you. No, it is not easy. But it is possible.

There are really only two things that you need to accomplish. First, you need to throw out the trash. You need to find the false beliefs that you have accepted and get rid of them. You will not find them all, at least not at first, because you hang on to them like life rafts. But you can begin.

Second – and this will seem simple, but it is the hardest – you must accept and allow yourself to be who you are in truth. At some point, this will very likely frighten you silly. And it may very well go in the face of all you have been taught. It has been very much in the interests of the powers in your world to have you believe that you are not, cannot be, and shall not become, what you truly are. And now is the time for all of that to come to an end.

Many of you have wondered for decades what you are doing here. Why me? This is the last place I would want to be.

Well, we just told you why you. Of course, that makes no sense until you know who you are. When you begin to know that, you will see that you are in THE place to be. And this is THE time to be there. If it were not, a being such as you are would not bother.

Now, what we said above applies to all of you, but to varying extent. Many of you have been applying yourselves to your growth for years, some for decades. And you are seeing through what is becoming a rather ragged veil at times. And many of you are sensing more and more of who you are and what you can do – because you are doing it.

When an edifice is being erected, there are often many piles of tons of materials scattered about the site. Almost all of it will, at some point, have to be lifted, some to dizzying heights. And as construction continues, less and less lifting will need to be done.

There will come a time when you will be celebrated as the heavy lifters. Pat yourselves on your backs. And get back to work. We say that in jest. Please take it that way.



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