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The Council via Ron Head, October 5th

Bloom – The Council

Bloom – The Councilthe council

For years now you have been told over and over about the light, the ever increasing and intensifying light, that had been surrounding and affecting you. Today we would like to look at this in another way. Let us to immerse ourselves in a few age-old metaphors that may allow you to feel a bit more blessed and a bit less stressed about this subject. We say stressed because we know that there are more than a few of you who are walking a very vertical path now and are not always as comfortable with it as you might wish.

As we proceed with these metaphors, we are going to ask our channel to find and include some appropriate photographs. These will not be illustrations of metaphors as much as they will be concrete examples. Here we go.

Now light, as we speak of it, is a field of energy, frequency, and information that is the ground of your being. It is what you are made of. It is the energy that allows you to be and to become that which you most desire. It is life. And when you immerse yourselves in the nearest unspoiled examples of that, you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Your energy subsides into, or rises into, a deep inner peace.

beach4This is the effect upon your personal field of the field you have chosen to surround yourself with. You probably did not reason this out. It is quite likely that you merely wished to enter the forest or go to the beach because of the restful experiences you remember from before. But what have you surrounded yourself with, exactly? May we suggest light and sound, frequencies, that are in an unadulterated state of joyful life?

Doing this brings you back to a greater or lesser degree to the true state of your own being. And whatever the true state of your own being is, is perfect. May we offer a few examples?

sequoiaThis is what life looks like when it is majestic, long-lived, and at peace with its world. It has accepted all of the life-giving light it has been offered and has used it to become this.

rosesThis is what life can look like when it protects itself and its future selves by using some of its light to become a bit thorny.

lotus4This is what light can look like when it has been used to grow out of slimy mud and has reached the surface before it displayed the perfection that it always contained.


These are packages of light, too.


These are also perfect packages of light.


These are weeds.

Now the point of the last photograph and its caption was to prompt you to think about how you value or devalue what is around you. If there were only a few of those beautiful plants you would likely walk or ride past them without even noticing them. But you cannot miss seeing the beauty that they are in that scene, is that not so?

The same is true for packages of light that are called human beings. You value or devalue them, also. But from the viewpoint of their Creator, there are no weeds in that garden. There are no flaws in your being. You are a work in progress. Perhaps you have not reached the surface of the pond yet. Perhaps you have not bloomed. Perhaps you are a tomato blossom and not a rose. Perhaps you are a mother or a father, but not a billionaire, or scientist, or a movie star.

And here is today’s point. Whatever you are, wherever you are, you are exactly what is needed in this perfect field of what perfectly is. Do you see? If you were not you, and if you were not there, what is would be different than it is. And it is exactly as the Creator intends it to be. So as another has taught you – you cannot get it wrong and you cannot get it done – so bloom.

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