Love is our new reality

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The Council via Ron Head, September 12th, 2017

The changes that you have long asked for, and that we have told you were already happening, have escalated both in rapidity and in the number if you affected. This current system of alignments that you are experiencing has kicked things off in earnest.

Understand, please, that each of you is receiving what is most needed by them at this time. There are many factors that must be considered. And your participation, although most of you are still unaware of it, has helped to decide your own progression. What you personally will be needing in the near future for your own wellbeing is the foremost thing considered, as well as what you have planned for yourselves in future service.

“But I am not receiving what I need!” you say. “I’m not getting anything at all” In the first case, may we point out, as gently as possible, that your personality self is quite unaware of what you need. The best indicator of this is that you feel this way. In the second case, we would recommend that you focus on heightening your sensitivity to the energies that you are receiving.  There is actually nothing and no one on your planet that is not immersed in these frequencies. Such a case is not even possible. How each reacts to them is unique. Your own uniqueness is what determines this of course. If you have a millennia-long history as a healer you will not react to the change in the same way as someone who has spent the same time growing crops. Now, it is time to lose your judgments around these things. Farmers often need to be healed. Healers need to eat. You, after all, are the ones who decide to increase your experience by specializing.

You will soon find, however that the range of skills you develop will expand greatly. You will also find that deciding what you will settle for is limiting and counter-productive. Determining what your self will be like when your self is predominantly your SELF, is not something you are able to do, since you have no experience within memory of your third dimensional lives to fall back on. And all of your projections are only replays of things past.

Surrender, a word all of you tend to misunderstand, to the guidance and work of your Highest Selves, who are in the process of becoming even more of what you manifest as, is truly the best thing for you to intend. There is nothing that you need be apprehensive about in this regard. It is, after all, your Self we are talking about. It is just the far largest part of you. Perhaps reversing that image would be more truly descriptive. You are, by far, the smallest portion of it. And it is the one you tend to run to for help when your plans go awry.

Now we have long told you that this time was coming. For us, it has already occurred. We view change in a vastly different way than you do. Your last year, this year, and next year all exist for us, you see, as do your other lifetimes. And so we tell you now that this will pass. Your future is magnificent. This will be a wondrous passage if you can just enjoy the ride. Your needs will be attended to. In the near future, your wants will be a snap for you to manifest. Trust what we say. We are you, and that is how we live.



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