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The Council via Ron Head, September 27th, 2018

Answers Ep. III – The Council

September 27, 2018

We will begin today by answering a rather simple and straightforward question. The answer that we will give will be somewhat less simple due to the importance of the information to you as followers of our messages.

“I have received messages from Spirit for much of my adult life. In later years, since 2012, a few have been from what I “feel” is called The New Earth Council. Is this the same Group that you Channel?”

Now, the question was asked of our channel. While he could answer it, we wish to do so as much of what we will say, although known to him, might not make it into his response.

The easiest and shortest answer to your question is “No.” We are not the council that you are receiving from. However, we do often provide information to them, as needed.

There are many collectives of consciousnesses in this universe. They are mostly set up around particular functions and responsibilities. The name New Earth Council describes their function quite well, does it not? There are many others. Some are a bit more or less material, physical, than others. Some of their ‘members’ can be described the same way. For instance, in one function, on one council, a being might need to interact in one way, and on another council, might need the full functionality of pure consciousness. Now to the important information that we referred to.

We did not give ourselves the label of The Council. Our channel called us that when he returned from seeing us the first time. We have no need of a label. All of you have a Council. All of you visit as needed. Almost all of you do not remember this. Those who do describe what is an energetic experience of consciousness in ways that make the most sense to their own minds. They remember seeing a stadium, a boardroom, an amphitheater, etc. They remember angels, lightbeings, or spirits. Those things are not important. What is occurring is what is important.

Almost all of you are familiar with the concept of guides and guardian angels. This is quite real. We will say that they are assigned to you by us and are members of your council. We are once removed from them and tend to deal with somewhat more complex issues. You are a member of your council. You have a permanent seat and the deciding voice. The rest of us are beings of many descriptions from your point of view, but we have one thing in common, our purpose. We exist as a council to guide you to making the best decisions consistent with your overarching purpose, that of your evolution of consciousness. If you need the knowledge, expertise, and experience of a being who is not normally seated for your visits, she will be waiting when you arrive. Notice an apparent split in your self, a part who is here, and a part who is not. You are always here with us. You must know that what you are aware of as you is a rather small fraction of your true self that is made up of what you were considered to need for your current experience. Your total self is far greater than your current ability to understand.

Going beyond this would entail writing a book. Let us just say that when we refer to your free will, we are speaking of the total and divine you of which your incarnate selves are only just beginning to be aware. Take heart. This is your time. If you wish to progress along the awakening path, you shall.

One small further note: As soon as you can begin ‘listening to’ and acting upon those quiet inner knowings that you receive, the ones that come from us, you will begin to ‘fast track’. You are not alone. You are never alone. And our purpose, your purpose, is your growth. Nothing makes us happier. And you, speaking of all of mankind on Earth, are making us very happy, whether you see it yet or not.

We consider this enough for one day. We will withdraw and speak again at another time.

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