Love is our new reality

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The Council via Ron Head, September 7th

A Meditation – The Council

the councilA Meditation – The Council

We have, at times in the past, offered you suggested meditations. We have continued to refine the meditations practiced by our channel, and would like to offer you another at this time. Please use what resonates with you with our blessings and deepest love.

We will not use this space to describe the locations of, or preparations for, your meditating. This can be effectively done in infinite ways. Just be quiet and centered.


Enter your ‘Heart Space’.

Breathe the white light of the love of Creator down through your crown and into your heart. Do this until you feel it as so.

Allow this light to descend through your chakras, through your feet, and down into your dear Earth.

With each breath, let it descend deeper into the earth until you feel it reach the center, the heart of your world.

Now feel it surge upward, back to you, as Earth adds Her love to the energy.

Feel it enter your body and rise to your heart.

Take a few breaths while feeling the energy, the love, the light, coming onto your heart from Creator above and Earth below.

Allow this light to enter every cell of your body. Feel the peace and the healing it brings.

Now allow it to expand outward with each breath, becoming brighter and brighter as it goes, expanding far past the confines of your body, reflecting off of everyone and everything it reaches. Expanding. Expanding. Expanding.

Feel the light as it shines from you. Feel the light as it reflects back to you.

Realize that his is the unconditional love of All That Is. Bask in this love as long as you like. Allow your deep gratitude to pervade all of this light, both outward and back to the source of all light and love.

Know that you are this. Know that it is the who, what and why of your being.

Be at peace.


We offer this in the hope that it will be of service as you move through these next few months of this eventful year. If at times you seem to feel variations of this enter your minds, consider that we may very well be suggesting things to you in order to keep the meditations fresh and alive for you. We are not ever somewhere else you see. We are always with you. You are never alone.

Blessings and love be yours. Good day.


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