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The Council via Ronald Head, August 13th, 2019

The New is Beginning | The Council via Ronald Head

The New Is Beginning – The Council

August 13, 2019

The new is beginning. Allow us to use yet another metaphor. We will use as our illustration the building of a structure. There are certain steps that always are, in fact must be, taken if success is to be expected. You do not rush into a vacant piece of land and begin throwing materials together if you want something strong and lasting to be the result.

Detailed plans are first drawn up. Qualified people design a structure that will serve the purposes for which it is being constructed. Necessary materials are purchased and scheduled. Correct procedures are followed in order to eliminate conflicts and the need that something be undone and then rebuilt. Solid foundations are laid.

Then, and only then, something begins to arise that can be seen when one looks at the site of the new structure.

However, there is one very important step that must be accomplished before any of those things can happen. When a site is occupied by a prior structure, that structure must be removed. Most often, It must be razed to the ground.

That is the point at which you find yourselves today. The machines are running and the tear-down has begun. In your vernacular, it ain’t gonna be pretty.

We have repeatedly told you that you might be well served to be patient and allow the necessary preparations to be made. Reconstruction is a complicated process. We said that there was much that you would actually not want to see as the exposure occurred. The response we always heard was “Bring it on! We’re ready.” And yet even now we tell you that you are not.

Some of you will be able to tolerate more of the vileness that will be exposed than others. And much, though not all, will be exposed. Even so, we say be prepared to turn away if you must in order to maintain your equanimity. Yes, these things must be brought forward in order for humanity to cleanse itself – in order for humanity to forgive itself. Without forgiveness, the way forward will not open. But it is not necessary for any one of you to view all of it. It IS necessary for each of you to remain steadfast in your light.

You may cry. You may be in shock. You may get angry. You may rage. Still, you must continue to hold your light high and participate in the building of the new.

Now, it is an old story. And we tell it over and again. But you knew this would happen in your lifetimes. Some of you will choose to come back when the turmoil is over. As always, some will rush into the fray to save what can be saved. Some will rage. Some will be unable to take it in. But it must be gone through and a way must be found for humanity to forgive itself for what it has done to itself.

Now the bad boys have had their thumbs on the dike for a long time. But the dike has now been breached and nothing can or will be done that will stop the flood that is beginning.

What can you do? What must you do? You need to make the base of your convictions rock solid. You need to fortify your intention to carry yourself and others through to the new world that you have yearned for.

It is on your horizon. That new world is actually beginning to rise. You will not allow a vacuum. The new is standing in the wings awaiting its cue. To save time and effort, much can be re-purposed to serve all and not the few.

It is time now for you to begin to understand who you truly are and why you are here at this precise time. We have told you, yes. But it was treated like a fairy tale. Time to reassess. Time to know.

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