The Creators via Daniel Scranton, November 5th, 2018

You Are Blessed Beings ∞The Creators

You Are Blessed Beings ∞The Creators

“From our perspective, you have so much to appreciate about your lives. We wish that you could see your lives from our perspective. You would have quite a laugh about many of the things that you take seriously. You would slow down, you would enjoy and savor, and you would look for things around you that are beautiful and pleasing to you because you would understand how fortunate you are, how blessed you are to be able to have the experiences you are having.

We liken it to when you are an adult, a parent, and you have your child. And you look at your child and you think, ‘Oh to be young again and to have all of that zest for life and that playful nature, and to have no real responsibilities. What a life a child leads.’ And yet, many of you, as children were simply striving to grow up and to get to that point where you could drive and you could go off by yourselves, go live on your own and make all the choices for yourselves. And those are all wonderful things.

But you see, it is always the perspective that matters most. And from our perspective, you have wonderful lives; you have so much ability, so much in front of you that is worth exploring and appreciating, diving into. We want you to get your hands into the dirt of the earth, and we want you to feel how wonderful that feels — to be connected to this beautiful planet, to be riding through space on this gorgeous being called ‘Earth.’ And to be surrounded by other humans who you can relate and who can have conversations with you about what interests them, what excites them.

You are blessed beings, and you are no less significant than any being that exists in a higher frequency state, in another dimension. They have their perspective, you have yours. Yours is just as valid and is unique. And even though teachers like us will tell you that you only perceive a certain percentage of what is really out there, that is by design.

You wanted to have that experience, and it is important for you to appreciate it. Let go of any desire that you have to be somewhere else, to be doing something else, and look at what is right in front of you and do everything in your power to love and cherish the experiences you are having, blessed beings that you are.”