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The Event Update by Dinar Chronicles, June 13, 2016

The Event Update by Dinar Chronicles – “FINAL SITREP” – June 13, 2016

Dinar Chronicles

Report provided by Dinar Chronicles

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June 13, 2016 (1)


On Sunday afternoon Republic President General Joe Dunford & USA, Inc. bankruptcy figure head Jack Lew arrived in Reno on Air Force 1 with full surrendered release documents re: UST control over to the new Republic Treasury.

The Republic Treasury has been hydrated with USN to cover a ten year budget plan that fixes all that ails the country’s infrastructure and basic operational needs moving forward.

Expect to see massive Hedge Fund purchase of US Treasuries of tomorrow as a result.

WF Corp was authorized to release RV Sunday tonight (WF ATL has the 800#s and will hold back the release until trey feel it’s safe).

At this juncture Republic leadership and Wells Fargo are keeping you from your blessing. Not the Chinese. And it’s both illegal and immoral to allow institutional wealth (aka hedge funds) to get first crack at new sovereign wealth offerings before the general public.

Remember Joe and Paul, we all answer to a boss. And taking this assignment obligates your soul to your beloved country and its suffering citizenry in ways beyond the scope of this Earth.

You must now release the RV in the USA or face the wrath of heaven. Consider yourselves warned.

Tomorrow morning before markets open in Europe the London Gold Exchange (BOC) and OPEC Oil Exchange (HSBC) will officially be surrendered to Chinese Elders.

All Reno or non Reno subgroups that were not approved by the Admiral at an earlier date will be prosecuted.

Landa China Global received 3 tranche alert notifications this past Friday that includes one for Zap. If you have not been paid back he is withholding funds promised to be paid back. Know too that Landa will have access to quadrillions for humanitarian projects come Tuesday. Feel free to beg for money just as Zap has.

Chase banks do have rates on screen but they are LOWER RATES. Why? Because Chase executive management intentionally deceived the American public for decades, while other banks such as WF/HSBC/BOC did not. So that’s why those banks will have higher rates at off site redemption centers as a result.

Keep this in mind when choosing a 800# to dial and keep a high level of discernment close to your heart currency holders–because the devil is a liar.

Simple rule of thumb when selecting a bank in which to redeem:

Chase – Bank of America – Citibank = Lower Rates

Wells Fargo – HSBC – Toronto Dominion – Bank of China = Higher Rates

As a sovereign citizen of a now free Earth, you decide what your worth not some paid Intel guru or publicity seeking call DJ. You!!!!!!

Only off site redemption centers will be offering higher rates for a period of six days through Saturday. All other banks will have lower rates. Again YOU decide–not them.

Below are the most current off site redemption center screen rates (WF/HSBC/TD/BOC):

IQD 90.00 (more than 90% of all currency holders)
VND 70.00 (less than 8% of all currency holders)
ZIM 70.00 (less than 1% of all currency holders)
IDR 70.00 (less than 1% of all currency holders)
IRR 70.00 (less than 1% of all currency holders)
PHP 70.00 (less than 1% of all currency holders)
AFA 10.00 (less than 1% of all currency holders)

All T4 & T5 asset classes will go together and be hydrated simultaneously–which includes currencies.

Anticipate new USN currency release sometime before markets open on Monday morning.

Finally, never ever forget that Yeshua Ben Yosef took the cross so we could have His blessing now. We will be redeeming His legacy as much as our own name this week–please serve others with a generous and humble heart as service is joy, and joy service.

God is with us.