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The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild: January 9, 2016

The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild: January 9, 2016

blossom goodchildBlossom: Hello! Wondering if you are there today, as I have tried twice before this week and … nothing! Nada! Anyone about?

Federation of Light: Dearest Blossom, Dearest Souls who walk upon the Earth plane at this time in the Glory of themselves. We are indeed with you … sharing Energy this day and more than happy to do so.

People write in asking me to ask you all sorts of ‘controversial’ things. Yet, as we have discussed, these topics are not really ‘your bag!’ I do feel however, we could do with a change of approach in this New Year. 

A new way of ‘deliverance’. Sort of like a revamping … if you get my drift and yet, I have no idea how this would/could take place … and I have a feeling, nor have you! And that is probably why we didn’t connect the other times I have tried this year. Your thoughts?

We are committed to bringing you OUR TRUTH. This … as you know … for us … is how we see ‘Our mission.’ For we KNOW that ALL THAT WE ARE … ALL THAT YOU ARE … is all that is required to be KNOWN in order for all One’s desires/requirements of soul satisfaction to be met.

However … in pursuit of this TRUTH … for those upon Earth who have not necessarily ‘lost their way’ yet, have been ‘thwarted’ and perhaps misguided on a scale beyond comparison … May we enter into this New Year with the possibility in mind that indeed, a new approach shall come about.

Have you any idea how this may work? With all respect and I DO MEAN THAT … we sort of need some fireworks up our ‘proverbials’ (Good luck with that one, translators!) … something exciting! I KNOW your/our purpose is to bring through messages of LOVE … after all, what else is there? Yet … Oh! I don’t know … as I say … any ideas?

Perhaps it should be, Dearest Lady … that we entrust that which is to come through/break through to that of a Higher ‘nature’ than we presently hold.

Do you mean for a Higher Being/consciousness other than yourselves to come through?

No. We mean that we shall access Higher knowledge and bring it through from our current position.

Like, how much Higher?

That, of course … which is ‘above us.’ By this, we mean … on a Vibrational understanding …other than the level we have reached.

And yet, you say you are the ‘Overseers of the Overseers.’ Are you going to contact the ‘Overseers of the Overseers of the Overseers of the Overseers’?

Something like that! And yet … this is how ‘your’ perception of WHO WE ARE is understood. It is also ‘your’ perception of ‘where we are.’

Where are you?

We are everywhere and nowhere. For we … the Overseers of the Overseers …as you ‘see us’… are of no thing. We are able to BE anything we choose.

Then you must be pretty ‘Up there.’

Only from the point of view … coming again from your perception … of ‘Your’ point of view.

For ‘our’ point of view sees things very differently and that, Dearest Lady, is where we sometimes have conflicting ‘understandings’ regarding certain matters.

So are you … known to us as The Federation Of Light … actually BEINGS in form … or are you BEINGS in/of LIGHT?

As we say … at the ‘stage’ we have reached … we are pretty much anything we desire to Be. We would like to express ourselves to you this day as … BEINGS IN LIGHT FORM.

Yet, we would also express that YOU … Each One of YOU are exactly the same. It is just that we Vibrate on a HIGHER frequency. Therefore, we are able to more easily access the Knowledge that lies within Each One. For Each One IS KNOWLEDGE. Yet, expressing itself, in your case … in physical form.

You cannot BE that which you are not. Yet, you have been blinded by non-facts which you believe to be Truth and you have allowed distain to overshadow the Glorious Light you are.

This may sound a childish question yet, is that actually ‘entirely’ our fault? Can we not ‘blame it’ on those of lesser Light who wish our downfall and obliviation?! Oh! Go on … please say it’s not ALL our fault!

Let us address … ALL THAT IS! ALL that is presented to you on an outer production! You … many of you … are aware of those that indeed, do not have your best interest at heart. Yet … AT HEART … there is nothing and no one that can TRULY ‘obliviate’ you … however hard they try!


Ok. I get that … I’ve got that for a long time. Yet, there are Beings on this planet that want to and do ‘snuff us out!’. Or, at least … bring our Energy down to a very low degree. They have created ways of blocking out our Light, dampening our spirits, hiding the truth from us etc. So, are we at fault for being blinded by these non-facts etc.?

There are no faults. There just … IS AS IS.

There is no blame. There is just … IS AS IS.

And AS things ARE … YOU ARE HERE AS THE MOST MAGNIFICENT BEINGS OF LIGHT … presented with the opportunity of your choice to CHANGE THINGS!


Therefore, it is a matter of reclaiming your strength. Reclaiming your ABSOLUTE POWER and turning things around to a way that is compatible with the DIVINE ENERGY OF YOUR SOULS TRUTH.

Yep. Know that. Get that one too! My dilemma being … that all this you speak of … this WAY you speak … is all well and good and indeed has served myself and many thousands so well. I have become so much LIGHTER throughout your teachings … due to applying them. Thank you. 

Yet, I just can’t seem to breakthrough to WHO I TRULY AM … as you request us to do. I ‘try’ to go within and BE at Peace … meditate etc. I come out of it … maybe (?) Higher spirited … yet, certainly not FULLY aware of WHO I AM. You want to say to that ‘YOU ARE LOVE’. This I also know. Yet … how do I/we access that HIGHER PART OF THE LIGHT WE ARE? And Be aware of it? My bus pass doesn’t seem to take me that far!

Dearest Lady … it is quite difficult for us to tell you how to do this. For it is not something that can be taught.

Then I’m doomed Captain Mannerring , I’m doomed! ( Taken from an English TV show, ‘Dad’s Army’)

Far from it. For it is by the rediscovering of/for yourself that the HIGHEST part of you can be attained/reached.

Yes. But how? How do I rediscover it? Lord knows I’ve tried! You may well want to say … ‘Don’t try’. That doesn’t do it for me either!

We would like to point out for the readers ‘point of view’ … that your Energy is not of frustration here … yet, playful banter.

Oh! Ok. I, rightly or wrongly assume people know me by now.

Many. Yet, new ones to the group arrive at this destination all the time.

So then … How can we assist in this situation? Let us see. For us … in our KNOWINGNESS OF OURSELVES … we do not need to ‘think’ ‘We are Light’ … For that is our form and therefore, it is ‘In our face’ … for want of expressing correctly! And aptly! Our faces indeed, are of Light. Our Beings are of Light in their entirety. This is never questioned by us … it is simply accepted AS IS.

Perhaps, therefore, it may assist your plight by constantly telling/remembering/reminding/seeing/knowing yourselves AS ONLY LIGHT.

Throughout your day … throughout your evening time … continually reinforce in your mind





‘I SHINE LIGHT’ … etc. etc.

Over and over and over and over. In a sense … brainwash yourselves INTO this KNOWING OF TRUTH.

In this way … you will/can undo the brainwashing that is of the contrary!

Of course, we must add … as we have said many times before … words our inadequate. Yet indeed, they have great use and purpose. Yet, you KNOW it is THE FEELING behind the words offered to/within your mind … that allow the TRUTH of them to … BECOME.

Therefore, when reiterating WHO YOU ARE … LIGHT-LOVE … FEEL … FEEL … FEEL THIS THAT YOU ARE.


For in your constant attention to these thoughts and FEELING them as YOUR TRUTH … it is LAW that this TRUTH shall manifest into your reality.


So, we would advice … with much Love … to be watchful of your thoughts at all times.

Practice these thoughts which we offer … and FEEL the difference within.

Can you just spend a moment talking about where ‘within’ is? Do you mean the mind? The soul? Where … actually is it?

You go to a space where there is nothing and everything.

Not helpful chaps!

No? Perhaps then … try the journey of getting there without the concern of actually arriving.

And the route is? The number bus I’m waiting for is?

Breathing slowly … deeply … in and out. Consciously aware that you are doing so. When you concentrate purely and Souly/solely on doing so … and listen only to the sound of that LIGHT-LOVE entering in and circulating out … then all other thoughts cannot enter in.

Concentrate … Concentrate … Concentrate on the FEELING and the sound and the physical movement as you inhale through the mouth or nose. There is no set agenda. Whatever FEELS comfortable … for you. For as many counts as FEELS comfortable … for you. Breathe in ‘YOURSELF’ at your own pace … at your leisure … and ‘see’ within yourself ‘where’ it takes you.

Add to that the KNOWING that you are ONLY Light … and …


Bingo indeed.

Ok, chaps … I feel this is a good place to sign off for today. So glad you were about. Can you tell me quickly … what causes you not to be?

Have you got all day?


Then let us say for now … sometimes the bus’s engine can be a little temperamental.

Mmm! Would that mean … my Energies are not always as up to scratch as I think they are?

It could be just ONE of many, many reasons involved. As simple as this communication may FEEL when firing on all cylinders … it is in/of itself, very intricate and yet, that is our department.

So very glad it isn’t mine! I wouldn’t even know how to get the bonnet open! I shall simply remain as always … willing and able. Many thanks, my friends. Many thanks.

It is with the greatest of Joy we commune with you in this way.






Our Love is One with yours. In Gratitude.

The Federation of Light: January 9, 2015, channeled by Blossom Goodchild at

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