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The Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, January 16th

Blossom Goodchild

January 16th,2016

Blossom: Here we are again. I look forward to seeing what you may care to speak of today.

The Federation of Light: Welcome to Each One. It is fitting that we encompass that which benefits the whole. Therefore, this day we have chosen to speak to you of something a little different, as was suggested. We would care to speak to you of … worm holes.

Blossom: Really? Struth! That took me completely by surprise. Be my guest.

The Federation of Light: It is complimentary to both ourselves and those of your planet to discuss such matters in these new times. Yet, it wouldn’t be correct to say that these worm holes are something that have just arrived.

Blossom: I am surprised you are calling them ‘worm holes’. I thought ‘portal’ or ‘vortex’ would befit you more.

The Federation of Light: It matters not which technical term is used. The fact remains that we wish to speak about them.

Blossom: Jolly dee!

The Federation of Light: It is a complex matter and yet, we assure you they can pop up anywhere. It is as if they can be created wherever one would like. This though, is for the more advanced soul. Yet, we reiterate this is possible.

Yet, for now we shall speak of ones that are ‘there’. Already in place and of use.

Blossom: So, I must just ask … is the Bermuda Triangle one?

The Federation of Light: Naturally … and by this we MEAN ‘naturally.’ It is not one that is created when needed. It is there ‘of its own accord’. It is not created and put in place by man.

Blossom: So, man can do this? I have heard there are some around to get across our planet quickly. Yet, I did not know they were ‘created’ by man.

The Federation of Light: Yes. There are those created by both on and off world Beings. We would say … with tongue in cheek … that those created by ‘off worlders’ are far more efficient!

Blossom: So, explain first, if you would … their exact purpose?

The Federation of Light: They are Energetically charged ‘spaces’ that take one outside of time and space. Enabling transportation to be instant from one place/space to another.

Blossom: I can see why that would be very complicated.

The Federation of Light: More so in the eyes of the human … who has little knowledge of all that is possible. For ALL is indeed, possible.

These ‘creations’ are able to take one … from one dimension into another.  They are able to take one from anywhere to anywhere … depending on where they are ‘programmed’ to go.

Blossom: So, would you programme one to take you to somewhere and then another time, programme it to take you somewhere else? As opposed to it taking you to one place and that was the only destination possible ‘through it’?

The Federation of Light: That is correct. And yet, the manmade ones are not yet that sophisticated. It took great skills, time and money to create a replica that ‘made sense’ … let alone, had the desired effect.

What you must try and understand is that your planet as a whole … has allowed itself to imagine that it is very limited. Yet, technology is right there at one’s finger tips … should the veil of secrecy be lifted.

These wormholes are commonplace on other planets. You see … your Universe is vast and yet, it is all the ONE Energy. Therefore, ALL of it is accessible because it is not separate from itself. It cannot be separate from itself.

Everything, as you know … is Energy. So, it is just a matter of ‘moulding’ this Energy into a form that allows ‘transportation’ to take place. Yet, we must stress that it takes practice for the ‘recipient’ to undergo such a feat … without it having some form of physical effect on the body and indeed, the mind.

For when one is travelling at such speed , for want of a better word…. beyond that of any of your racing cars etc. … it is inevitable that there is a pull on the ‘self’ that can leave one very much out of sorts … until one gets used to it.

Blossom: So, one cannot ‘just’ go to other planets etc. yet, go back or forward in time. Like in the time machine movies?

The Federation of Light: Indeed. For ‘life’ is all going on at the same time. There is only Now. One is merely travelling to a different ‘space’ in/of the Now.

If you think logically … it seems feasible that one should get to go anywhere they choose. Such restrictions one has put upon themselves … through that which they are taught. Yet, if one was to surrender unto/into the Oneness, the ALL that is … and become it … why ON EARTH would it not be possible to be OFF EARTH whenever one chose?

It is not just that ‘the world’ is your oyster … Everything is! It is yours. It is ours. It is there for the taking. To experience everything in any which way one chooses.

You have heard of many souls being able to travel elsewhere via their minds … in other words for their soul to ‘visit’ other places. These worm holes allow one to physically go there and interact in the physical as opposed to the spiritual.

There are too many uses /purposes to explain why and when they are used. Yet, we are here to tell you that they certainly do exist.

Blossom: Is it possible for one to be walking along one day and poof! … there they are … swept up and swirled through into another world?

The Federation of Light: Yes.

Blossom: Without warning, without preparation?

The Federation of Light: YES.

Blossom: Would this be luck of the draw … or something to do with one’s energy or ‘life plan? I mean could another soul be walking past the same spot and nothing happen?

The Federation of Light: Yes.

Blossom: And … … … ? Why is that?

The Federation of Light: Because of the experiencer being ready to experience THAT. There would be no harm done. One could feel they had stayed in the new destination for months and yet, then be transported back and find only minutes had ticked by … if that. It could even be just a breath away.

For many, when this happens and it does happen to many … it is just an experience, as we say. A sort of ‘Why not’ as opposed to ‘Why’. Yet, for some the purpose goes far deeper. In their consciousness they may not have ‘seen it coming’. Yet, in their awareness of what is to be done on a personal level … for say … the betterment of mankind … the Higher Good … it takes place and what knowledge is gained from ‘elsewhere’ … perhaps in one’s future … is then brought back and taken into account … in order to be of benefit to ALL.

You would be quite amazed at how things of this nature have changed the course of history! And to complicate that even further and to get your minds ticking … we would say … and yet, perhaps five other scenarios of that same course were carried out on a parallel ‘time line’.

Nothing, Dearest Ones … Nothing is as it seems and it really doesn’t matter! We know Blossom, you have had ‘issues’ regarding this kind of statement in the past. Yet, you are coming to terms with it a little more now … are you not?

Blossom: Yes, I am. What was once my Truth … doesn’t mean it still is. This I am also learning. I feel a bit ‘preschool’ level in that which I have asked on this matter. A rocket scientist would have squeezed so much more out of you … I didn’t really know where to run with it (through a portal perhaps!)

The Federation of Light: Do not underestimate that which is offered, Blossom. For bear in mind, there shall be those that read our words that have travelled through one … and those that did not and still don’t believe in their existence and the possibility of!

Blossom: Yeah, I guess so. What am I like? I asked you to talk of something else … you did … and I’m STILL not satisfied. Gotta laugh … Many thanks for popping in.

The Federation of Light: It was no trouble at all. The telepathic way is far easier on Your Energy than the physical one.

Now wouldn’t that be something!

The Federation of Light: Indeed. We take our leave in/of/through/as Love

Later that day.

Blossom: It’s me again. It’s now early evening and I just feel a little ‘disgruntled? I just feel ‘unfinished’ on this topic. Do you desire to carry on for a bit?

The Federation of Light: We would be happy to do so. Explain to us please your ‘dismay’.

Blossom: Well … I just feel that perhaps we can bring more Light to such an intriguing topic?

The Federation of Light: Ask a question by all means.

Blossom: Ok. Say one was to KNOW or discover where a portal was … would they simply be able to enter it? What does it take to ‘go through’?

The Federation of Light: A great deal. Yet, we are talking regarding a human on/from your Planet Earth. As we said … it is very much easier from ‘other worlds’. It is much more common place.

Blossom: Why is that?

The Federation of Light: Because of the density of the human frame/form … and also, the density that surrounds the actual portal. And also, the fact that such technology has been dismissed and discarded by the ‘average Joe’ and kept for those who have power of many things that they should not have power over.

Blossom: So was the ‘average Joe’ once able to transport in this way?

The Federation of Light: Easily. Your world was once a much Lighter place in many aspects of itself. YOU were all much Lighter upon this world in many aspects of yourself.

You are moving into a ‘time’ when such things shall again be commonplace. Yet, we would add … much has to occur before this is so.

Blossom: Ok. So, back to … what does it take to ‘go through?’

The Federation of Light: On another planet? … Thought! On yours? … Preparation, instruments, electricity, control … shall we go on?

Blossom: It’s ok. I get the gist. Why can we not simply do it by thought then? Because of the density … as you say?

The Federation of Light: Yes, and yet, as we said … there are those that can.

Blossom: Are they Lighter than others … or just more knowledgeable … perhaps more accepting?

The Federation of Light: They are aware of thought patterns that are required.

Blossom: Yet, you said earlier … one could just stumble upon a portal and wham! … There they are in another dimension.

The Federation of Light: And that is so, Blossom. Please understand that there are many, many, many, many, many scenarios to many, many, many, many situations. There is really, very rarely ‘anything’ that is set in stone. For Energy is ever changing … through thought! There is not just one way to do something. There can be a thousand and yet … only five may be in use at this time because the other 995 have not been ‘thought’ yet.

Blossom: I think the trouble is (if that’s the right word?)  I am trying to get answers from you … when actually there are none … or perhaps, I should say … when there is no one answer … to anything! Anything and Everything is on the plate … it just depends on what one fancies for lunch!

The Federation of Light: This is so very correct and intelligently described, Dearest Blossom. 

Blossom: Why, Thank you!

The Federation of Light: Our task is perhaps becoming more and more difficult due to this fact. For you have mentioned of ‘stepping things up a little’. Yet, you see here … we can never get to the bottom of anything with you … because there isn’t one!

Blossom: An endless hole!! Back to, then … with the worm hole … is it a bit like … to put it in layman’s terms … a bus has a particular route from A to B. When it arrives at B … that’s where it stops and it turns round and goes back again. Do worm holes have A to B?

The Federation of Light: No. They have A to Z with the entire alphabet and more in between. As we said before Blossom … it would depend on where they were programmed to ‘come through’.

Blossom: The person or the portal?

The Federation of Light: The portal. Yet, it is not uncommon for one to ‘come through’ in a place completely off the radar.

Blossom: What happens then?

The Federation of Light: Some have been lost and unable to return.

Blossom: So, where are they?

The Federation of Light: It is unknown by the ‘programmers’.

Blossom: So, the said ‘lost person’ can’t just hop back on board … back through the portal?

The Federation of Light: Not always … because the portal can quite easily dysfunction and close … unable to re-open.

Blossom: How awful for the lost soul.

The Federation of Light: Why? Who is to say they are not experiencing a far better quality of life elsewhere?

Blossom: Good point. Can you talk a little bit then, about the kind of worm holes that can just appear when needed?

The Federation of Light: They are not so different from the ‘set up’ ones. In the sense of the ‘transportation of Energy’ part. In the sense of how they operate. Yet, these ones are programmed … how would we say … more within the Being of the soul/from the soul. In other words, the Energy of the Being travelling is able to instantly ‘create’ enough of the type of Energy required … to literally ‘zoom off’ from any given point.

Blossom: Do you mean they would dematerialize as in Star Trek etc. and then rematerialize at their desired destination?

The Federation of Light: This indeed, can happen. Yet, that is another matter entirely and not the same as the worm hole experience. A completely different form of thought and Energy are used.

When one accepts/appreciates how to ‘manipulate’ Energy … there is nothing … absolutely nothing that cannot be achieved.

Blossom: Mmm. Maybe you could give us a few pointers on how to do that … next time.

The Federation of Light: We would be happy to.

Blossom: I look forward to that. Thanks guys. I feel better now. I feel the channelling today is complete … I didn’t before. Jolly dee. That’s sorted. Loving you.

The Federation of Light: LOVING ALL.

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

The link to be able to access all my YouTubes is

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