Love is our new reality

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, July 3d

Blossom Goodchild – July 3, 2016

Once again … already … so soon! Hello and welcome to you.

Divine Greetings of Love and Grace aimed right at the core of your Being, Dearest Blossom and ALL.

Something I’d like to address. A few times when signing off at the end of the channellings, I have clearly felt the desire to write ‘Adieu’ … which many already know is WHITE CLOUD’S signature for his energy leaving. You have expressed that ‘he’ is part of The Federation of Light. Yet, he comes across to us as a Native American Indian who last lived on Earth in the late 1500’s. Yet, you and your ‘kind’ … are Beings of Light who have never actually lived as humans. So, can you explain your friendship and how exactly White Cloud is a part of The Federation of Light?

That would be fine and fitting to do so. Firstly, we must recall your Being to the fact that there is no separation. We are ALL ONE. Secondly, we would alert you to another fact that the spirit Energy you call White Cloud is FAR GREATER than perhaps you have ever realised.

My heart is beating very fast … not with anticipation, yet, with Energy. Please continue.

That which you know as White Cloud is of a radiance that many are not yet accustomed to. As you KNOW … many begin to weep the minute he speaks. This is due to his High authority … his High Energy of/as/through/in Light. He allows only the deepest humility to resonate within /through himself into the Energy of whoever he is speaking with.

His ‘adaption’ into our ‘circle of friends’ … shall we say … is ‘as and when’ he so chooses to visit … to which we consider it an honour to be in his presence.

Really? No offence to my darling man … for I love him to pieces! Yet, I know too, that YOU … You … are a very High Consciousness that Vibrates on a very High level. So, for you to be honoured for him to pop in for a cuppa with you … must mean he is … as you say … far Higher than I had realised.

Does it make any difference to you?

Of course not. No.

Know too … that when he speaks to others through you Blossom, he has to ‘dampen’ his Energy to quite a degree in order for you to be able to stay on the ground when he is with you. He has a skill that enables him to do this … and in order for those listening and just Being in his presence not to ‘explode’. 

I really do understand that.

And do you understand that the Higher YOUR vibration rises, the Higher degree of HIS Energy can come through you and therefore, ‘give out’ to others? It is an agreement you and he made and has not been broken.

Nor will it be. For indeed, like you, I find it an honour to work with him. Ridiculous as it sounds … when he visits you … what do you do? Have a chin wag?


I’m suddennly crying! I FEEL such Love, guys … Such Love as that last sentence came through. I sort of ‘felt/saw/imagined a degree of that. WOW. To blend and BE with each other … sort of says it all really. If only we humans would do the same!

It takes but a breath, Dearest Blossom … but a single breath and then another and another.

 Yet, you don’t have the need to breathe do you?


Then, what is your ‘alternative’?

Stillness. FEELING Light … Everywhere. Within … without … Everywhere. Within Everyone … Everything.

Knowing there is nothing else and BEING OF IT /IN IT.

When you are in this space with White Cloud… what takes place? What is its purpose?

To BE! Maybe it is hard for you to understand coming from the human perspective … and yet, we would say there is NOTHING … absolutely NOTHING in your world or in any other … that can/will/does surpass the FEELING of just BEING … and to BE with one another is beyond words,our friend. You need to experience it … for you can only FEEL it … there are no words to express/describe it. 

Yet … do not deny it … for yourselves. For Each One is OF IT. Each one of you … EVERYTHING is of it.

Yes, I know. Yet, as you said earlier, White Cloud, (as I believe you do also) has to ‘lower his frequency’ to communicate with me … because of his place of standing. So, how can we down here actually FEEL it … for we are placed in this density?

May we interrupt? 

Go for Gold!

You are coming from your human perspective. Set yourself free of it /from it … and it is a different story.

Yep … get that. However … this is a disputable matter and has many different ‘Truths’ to it … in that … how do I begin? Are we not all on our own journey and evolving at different levels at different rates of learnings and understandings, depending on choices?


So then, is it so … in your Truth, that when a soul leaves the mortal coil and resurfaces ‘elsewhere’ … that they are automatically BACK in the fullness of Light, in their fullness of Truth … or … are they still on their evolving journey?

They are evolving within their soul … … … … within certain boundaries.

I just knew this would get out of hand! These boundaries being?

Being within a certain ‘Sphere’ of learning as a human expression Of Light.

So, when we pass over to other realms, we are within a Sphere of …?

Of self-realisation.

So, we don’t go into this ‘All Knowing of Everything’ when we pass over?

Yes, you do. How would we put it?  … Within THAT Sphere’s possibilities.

Whoa! This is opening up so much and too many questions are coming to my mind at once. So … that all knowing /understanding is only ‘part’ of an all knowing /understanding? How can that be? You either know it all or you don’t!

You FEEL within that Sphere … you KNOW and understand everything … and you do. You Know and understand Everything that is to be Known and understood … within that Sphere.

This is definitely all new to me … and may I ask … what is beyond that Sphere?

Another one!

And then another and another?


I am feeling as if one graduates from one Sphere to another?

You are feeling correctly. And here is where we ‘slip in’ regarding Hierarchy etc. For there are many Spheres … and White Cloud has graduated (back) into a level that surpasses way beyond that of the ‘time capsule’ of the Earthly experience. And yet … he was able to ‘return’ to Earth in his Native American guise to ‘influence the planet’. To seed it with knowledge and Great Love … for it was ‘his’ desire to do so. His LOVE for all is of such Compassion and Great Passion … that he ‘sacrificed’ much of himself ‘at that time’ in order to accomplish this and when finishing that Earthly experience … there was  quite a vacation of recuperation needed in order to restore his TRUE LIGHT and strength once again. 

And so what about YOUR Sphere? Where is your little ball of Light within all these levels? I mean, how many levels are there? And I already know you are going to say …

Infinite. Yes. This is the case, Blossom. You are keeping up well. Shall we confuse you even more by saying that after a certain level one can swop/come and go / into other Sphere’s as one chooses … and then to confuse even more … the Sphere’s … after a particular frequency of Light then merge into another. So that two become one … and even Higher than that …three become two, become one … and so on and so on. 

So, if White Cloud and yourselves reside in a High sphere … when White Cloud ‘pops’ over to your neck of the woods for a cuppa … is it ‘just’ the Energy of White Cloud … as an individual per se … or does he bring the entire Sphere along with him? … because you’d need notice, so you can buy extra biscuits surely?????!!!!

How we enjoy you bringing this ‘outer limits’ conversation back down to Earth. 

Again a little difficult to put into words … At the level that White Cloud resides … ‘he’ of course is not a ‘he’ …

I understand he is of no gender.

Correct. He simply IS LIGHT. Yet, his ENERGY that once was ‘acting on the behalf’ of an individual has co – joined with many other Energies of Light that have risen back into/within that High Vibration and merged AS ONE.

However … this does not mean that what was once acting as an individual Energy cannot … at will … through choice … separate themselves whenever applicable … and for instance … hop into our Sphere. At the level White Cloud resides there is very little he cannot do.

And yourselves? I mean … I always know of you to be ‘On High’ … due to you being ‘The Overseers of the Overseers.’

Should we humbly say … we are not too far behind!

That’s for sure … in my books anyway! Tears roll down my cheeks, my friends … as my heart swells in LOVE as I FEEL YOUR TRUTH. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU. Thank you so much for introducing us to new concepts when you know we are ready to receive them!

We find it an honour to serve the human race. We find it an honour to LOVE YOU and BE LOVED BY YOU. Until next time …

In Love and thanks. Bucket loads of it.


Dont forget Happy Human Day July 20th. I’d love you to be in my video. 

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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