Love is our new reality

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, June 10th, 2017

Hello my friends. A question was asked regarding Mother Earth and moving her into Her rightful place once again. Can you elaborate on this? Where is /what is Her rightful place and when was She last there?

Warmest of welcomes to One and All. To Each One who participates in these conversations, we offer you our fondest Love and Compassion.

Thank you. Compassion?

Indeed. For we FEEL for ALL of you. We FEEL for all that is taking pace upon your Planet. There are many at this time that are FEELING the brunt of the continual ‘confusions’ that take place and bring many a soul into a place of despair. We send out so much LOVE ENERGY at such times to the souls that are suffering. For they find themselves in a place of non-understanding and broken hearts.

That which is coming to mind while you speak, is the recent attack in London?

Let not your souls be brought into despair, Dearest Ones. In such times when all seems topsy turvy … it is so important for those who are able … to raise their Vibration into even happier moments, in order to compensate for the negativity that is ‘flying around’.

Such things shall filter through the Energy Barrier.

Energy Barrier? What is that? You’ve never mentioned it before.

The Energy Barrier is a compartment, shall we say … that allows ‘things in and things out’.

Everything is Energy, as you know . There are those that … control/look after … this Energy Barrier … and Energy of such nature that we are speaking of, is to be filtered through the barrier and sent on its ‘merry way’.

So, does this barrier cater for all. Does it allow ‘good in’ and ‘bad out’?

Yes. Although, for a long time it could do what it liked. It could reverse and let bad in and good out.

Was ‘no-one’ in charge of it for a while?

It was designed to work on its own. It had its own Energy.  Yet, with forces at work that were not for the greater good … this barrier became damaged.

I almost wanted to write the word ‘grid’ instead of ‘barrier’ is it the same thing?

No. Yet, very much connected with/to it. Much work has been done to restore PEACE to this barrier. It has been Healed and now stands strong once again. Meaning that no forces of darkness can come though … yet, they can be released ‘out’.

Only Higher Energy that we have spoken of can pour in. The lesser Light Energies of your Planet KNOW they have to leave. It is their time. It is understood. Some of this Energy is in denial and trying hard to cause as much havoc as possible as its ‘last stand’.

Yet, although here and there it is causing attention and alarm … it KNOWS the battle has been won. The darkness has no place upon your Precious Planet.

Of course, it cannot be cleansed overnight. It is a process … that may mean to some … that is never ending and drags one down. Yet, again we say … from viewing the situation from where we are … SO VERY MUCH has changed. So much negative Energy HAS left.

The news was on the car radio this morning. I said to my husband … ‘If only, every time we had a negative news item, it was followed by a positive one, then the counteraction would sure make this world a brighter place.

Of course. Yet … It is for you to KNOW that there HAS to be a counter – part. Your media is not in a position to display the Joys that take place every moment. Yet, YOU KNOW … Each one of YOU KNOW that this is so. For you yourselves, are bringing in much of that Joy.



When you hear of such atrocities taking place … concentrate on YOUR LIGHT. Turn up the dimmer switch. Radiate YOUR LIGHT to ALL those involved personally, who are suffering and tormented.

This assists in dispersing the negativity and allowing your Light to soothe the souls of those immediately affected.

We move on now to your question for it is indeed, by Shining your Light so brightly that Mother Earth can come home.

Where is her home?

In your hearts.

Nice answer, yet with respect … a little obscure.

Not from our perspective.

And … we’re off!

How can ‘Her Home’ be anywhere else? It is you who FEEL her. You are such a part of each other. Mother Earth lives within YOU … just as you live upon /within her.

So the ‘when’ of ‘once again’, was when Human Beings were in a much Higher Energy?

Yes. And yet … her rightful place is wherever YOUR positioning of self takes her.  She cannot move into a Higher Vibration without those that reside upon your Planet taking her there … through the Vibration of the Collective Consciousness.

This does not mean necessarily that EVERYONE upon your Planet has to be of an Angelic Vibration! Yet, there will BE a time when enough souls playing the Human Being role, will have allowed themselves to flow a Higher Energy through their Being and it will then be inevitable for Mother Earth to move into that Vibration also.

A bit of a mad question … but ‘where is’ that Vibration?

Nowhere. Vibration is not a space … it is a frequency of Energy.

Is a ‘Dimension’ somewhere? As in … in a space?

Yes. The best way for you to understand it, would be to say that it is in ‘a space’.

And do … certain energy frequencies … reside in certain Dimensions?

Dearest Blossom, this is correct. Yet, to TRY and explain about Dimensional frequencies and the trillions of scenarios that are affected by such frequencies … in trillions of Dimensions … would send you into ‘Cuckooland’.

Then, I am more than happy to leave that, until such a time when we are capable of making any sense of that. So back to Mother Earth and her rightful place?

What else would you like to know about it?

On a scale of 1-10 … how is ‘She’ feeling?


WOW! That’s good! That’s really good!

Yes. It is. Which just goes to show that your world is in a far better place than you are being led to believe!     

This is why we ask of you to remain in your LIGHT SPACE … no matter what you are told!

All is as should be.

Divine Mother Earth could not be feeling so well if things were going rapidly ‘Down the Swanee’ … as you would say.

Yet, what about all the poisons in the air and the sea?  All the terrible things that ‘She’ is having to endure … how can she be ‘happy’ about that?

We did not say she was. Again, you have been so conditioned to concentrate on the negative and all that is ‘Not’ going so well. This is all you focus on when it comes to the ‘overall well-being’. BECAUSE … THIS IS ALL YOU ARE FED.

Mother Earth KNOWS BETTER. She KNOWS how many hearts are doing their best to Heal her. She KNOWS how many hands immerse themselves in the soil to grow produce that is not ‘infected’. She KNOWS that the hearts of so many LOVE HER DEEPLY and do so much work to ‘Lift’ her spirits.

She FEELS the JOY of so many who have come to understand who they are.

She feels the LOVE that is sent to her every time a sunset is appreciated … every times a flower is Glorified.

YOU … along with all that is life upon Her … are her children and she is so encouraged by the GOODNESS that is taking place.


Listen to Her birds sing their songs and the messages of LOVE incorporated there in.

The birds always sing … THAT IS GOODNESS.

Feel the Ocean’s shores bathe and cleanse your feet and let its Energy cleanse your Being … The Ocean is always there for you … THAT IS GOODNESS.

Smell the scent of a flower … There are always flowers in bloom … THAT IS GOODNESS.


Smile at a passing stranger … THAT IS GOODNESS.



Need we go on? Do you see?

Place your attention AT ALL TIMES on the Goodness around you …


And yet, you are bombarded with the opposite. You have ‘tuned in’ to the frequency of the ‘not good’ because you are showered with it … IN ORDER to keep you downhearted …


You know some will not ‘approve’ of those words?

Some do not approve of any of our words! It matters not whether we are approved of Blossom. We come only to offer assistance in any way that ‘we’ see fitting. What we offer, is not for everyone. Yet, as you know … what another thinks of our wisdom … is none of our business. What we desire to achieve is to witness EACH ONE … Each One of Mother Earth’s vast family live in PEACE.

I wonder what are little chats will be about then?

Oh! You would be astounded by how much more we have to share.

I don’t think so … for it ALL goes on and on … ever expanding … to what end? No end!

As a little toy in your world once said ‘To infinity and beyond’ … ‘Mr Lightyear’ is not wrong!

Thanks my friends. Enjoyed the conversation greatly. In LOVE and Gratitude.


So many of us are doing are very best!!


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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