Love is our new reality

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The Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, June 18th, 2017

Hello, Oh wise ones! A question was put to you by a gentleman regarding last week’s channelling. In that, you said Mother Earth, on a scale of one to ten … was seven.  Which surprised me, as it was so high. His query was … when was it at six?  For instance, if it was back in the Renaissance era, we have a long way to get to ten … and it won’t be in our life time, which he found quite depressing! Do you understand the gist of the question, in order to give an answer?

Greetings to One and All … Each One of you Magnificent Humans, dwelling upon Earth at this time.

And Greetings right back at you. WOW! Instantly, your Energy today feels so Light and uplifting. Let’s go for it!

In answer to the gentleman’s question … IT MATTERS NOT.

Oh, he’s just gonna love that! Considering he mentioned that he’d like some clarity, ‘something of which’ he felt, ‘you were not that fond of.’! (In a humorous way.)

Yet, the Truth is, Blossom … THIS IS THE TRUTH!

IT MATTERS NOT. His concern is, as to what year it maybe when ALL can wake up feeling at Peace, without it being so hard … and when Your World is in a place of content and Joy. The Pure and simple fact is … whether you like what we have to say, or not … with respect … You can have that NOW. For there is only NOW.

That which Everyone feels they are working toward, is available NOW. You do not need to wait another ten, twenty, or a thousand years!

Yet, our world is not in a peaceful place NOW … by any stretch of the imagination.

Then stretch your imagination in a different direction … and it will Be. This is not to say to ignore what is taking place. Yet, in your ‘remembering’ of ‘how to be and who you are’ … you KNOW NOW, that to focus on such things DOES NOT ASSIST.

SEND LIGHT … SEND LOVE (ONE AND THE SAME) … and remain doing so. Yet, do not be downhearted as you do so. This again, DOES NOT ASSIST.


Yes, we appreciate this. I suppose one becomes impatient with the way things are … in general. Not only do we have all the ‘havoc’ to contend with, yet, the ‘rip offs’ that we must conform to, due to one law or another seems to bleed us dry of any chance of ‘sitting comfortably’ … and all these things add up.

And all these things are in place at this time. Yes, we ‘try’ to understand. Yet … these are not things that should affect your Soul. Your Soul cannot be brought or sold.

Some emails I have received in the past would not agree with that. Yet, I certainly do not want to get into that today … or any day really.

YOUR SOUL BELONGS TO YOU … AMEN. That is all we have to say on the matter. Others perhaps may like to think they own it. Yet, they cannot … ever!

So, keeping that in mind … we continue on in the same vein. If you like, you can CHOOSE to feel depressed due to the ‘Waiting Game’ as you call it … Waiting, Waiting, Waiting for the ‘time to come’ when all in your world will be at Peace … and things will have changed and there will be no more of the lesser Light activities. 

If you decide to be depressed about that … then go right ahead. Yet, like we say with all things Dearest souls … YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS!

AND … it is your thoughts that make YOUR REALITY.

We say with all kindness and coming from the deepest place of Love … YOU are not responsible for another’s world.

Mrs Confused of Noosa here! Erm … yet, you say that by living our own lives the best we can … because we are ‘One’… we are changing and uplifting it for everyone.

Indeed you are. Yet, this does not make you responsible for everyone else. You are here to do YOUR very best in this lifetime that you have CHOSEN TO BE IN.

Another’s choice is THEIR responsibility.

Then, what about the Collective Consciousness, wherein, surely, we are all responsible?

For YOUR individual part of/in it!  Therefore, to get back to the question …

Now there’s a first!

Your humour continues to engage us … It is not for you to ‘indulge’ in the ongoings of another’s world. This may ‘appear’ very harsh … yet, it cannot be. For we are merely speaking bluntly to assist and always, we come from a Loving disposition. So, we ask your hearts to recognise this, as you recognise that of which we are speaking … in your hearts.

Therefore, IN ORDER to make YOUR WORLD how you wish it to be … YOU have to KNOW that the PEACEFUL WORLD you are seeking is right there within YOU … RIGHT NOW.


We are always being told that Peace comes from within. Yet again, as we have discussed many times … don’t you think, if it was that easy to find, we would have bottled it up and sold it by now? Don’t you think we would all be in that world that we are ‘waiting for’ … if finding this Peace within was a doddle? Dearie Me!  One can meditate till they are blue in the face, yet, one still has too ‘emerge’ and get back into the real world ( Whatever that is … because apparently it’s all an illusion anyway ) … and it is by ‘having’ to BE in the REAL world that brings us right smack back down to Earth!

Dearest Blossom and All … perhaps now would be a good time to remind you that you are playing a Game!

Yes, I had a bit of a revelation yesterday about that … its only happened once before … whereby, I seem to have a fleeting moment of ‘Getting it’ … Getting the fact that we are in a Game, yet, I am not quite sure what the rules are … or indeed if there are any … I think before, you have said there are not.

That is correct. However … That is to your advantage. We do not wish to sound as ‘One with no heart’. Yet, in all that is taking place in ‘YOUR WORLD’ … your ‘INDIVIDUAL WORLD’ … think upon it all, as A Game. EVERYTHING that arises in your everyday living … think of it as ‘part of A Game’ so that there is no emotional attachment … it’s just A Game! And the only way out of this Game, is to ‘Finish it ‘ … and the way to ‘Finish it’  … is to ‘Step outside of it’ and view it from afar!

Then having done so … work out the best strategy to move yourself UP on to the next square.

Think of your life as a massive Board Game … involving Everyone and Everything … and yet … there is no winning or losing to be done. There is just the matter of finishing The Game … IF you so choose.

The more you work out how to play … the more you practice, as with anything … the more proficient you become.

The more proficient you become … the quicker you move UP the board.

The quicker you move UP the board … the more Enlightened you become.

The more Enlightened you become … the easier Life becomes.

The easier Life becomes … the more you enjoy The Game.


Yet, most board games come with instructions!

AH HA! The instructions are in your Soul … in your Heart … in your very Being. Do you think the Divine Creators of this Game … which incidentally was designed by Divine Beings with the signed approval of THE DIVINE …


… would send you on this mission without an instruction manual?

Well, it certainly feels like it.

Of course not. ALL that you need to know … you already know. You have the key to all knowledge.

Poop! I lost it!

It cannot be lost … it just needs to be turned.

Your obscurity, with respect … can drive a person crazy!

You may consider it obscurity, Blossom. Yet, it is purposefully designed for your Soul’s growth.

This obscurity is part of the Game … if you like. There can be no cheating. It is designed for the self … and to confuse even more … BY THE SELF.

You just said it was designed by Divine Beings …

So that … THE GAME is designed … and within that design is the factor that ONE can design the Game … as they go.

Which EACH ONE is doing/has done/ and will always do …

Whilst they are in it?

Whilst they are in it. As you understand, Blossom, for every question … there is an answer and for every answer, there is another question … SUCH IS LIFE!

I know. Perhaps we will never get to the bottom of it! Yet, we might as well have fun trying.


Have fun with it all … As we said in the last communication … FOCUS ON THE GOODNESS.

As you continue to do so … and make it your everyday practice …



It was designed that way …


There aren’t any rules…

Only if your make them … to suit you. That doesn’t mean to say, you should expect anyone else to abide by them.

If you had one rule … what would it be?

To come from Love for the Highest Good of all … at all times.

What would yours be?

Well, to make me look good, it would have to be the same!! Although, to eat drink and be merry sounds a good one too!!

Dearest Blossom … We have very much enjoyed our discourse with you this day …

To ALL … we say, WE LOVE YOU.


For indeed, you are THE GAME CHANGERS!

Thank you, so very very much … very very … very much.


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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