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The Galactic Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, September 2nd, 2017

Here we are once again … in a communicative space! Welcome to Planet Earth and ALL who sail in her!

We are naturally of /in Joy to be back in correspondence with you, also. We know you have a question prepared.

Yes. I’m not sure if words will be able to answer it though. A gentleman wrote in asking if you could tell us more about Energy.

Many channelled entities speak frequently of “energies” filtering into our stratosphere or into our bodies, psyches, spirit, etc. Yet, what these “energies” actually are is kind of vague. If they are electromagnetic energy, what are their exact frequencies, what are their sources, do they travel at the speed of light, etc. etc. etc. Or, are they just speaking metaphorically and there are no physical energies at all?

That is indeed a ‘practical inquiry’. Let us ‘begin’ to explain.

We initially speak of ‘Source Energy’ … which is WHAT YOU ARE … WHERE YOU DERIVE FROM.

It is indeed ‘based’ on frequency and within that frequency there is a resonance that, as suggested electromagnetically Vibrates.

We would state here, that within one ‘numerical’ frequency … to give you an idea, there would be thousands upon thousands of frequencies vibrating on that level … on a scale of nought to the thousands upon thousands! … … … It is VAST MATTER!

Is that right there? No … “A” vast matter.

Which moves us on to … ‘Matter’.  As you know … ALL THAT IS … IS Energy. There is nothing else … And as you know, too … depending on the Vibrational frequency … ‘Energy’ can transform into ‘matter.’

But how? This is way out of my league! As many know, I am an actress … NOT a scientist/mathematician! I faint if someone says the word ‘percent’!

It is a coagulation of thought ‘gelling’ with identity. An identity which allows the thought to BECOME.

Dearie Lore! We’ve only just started and I’m wishing I hadn’t! You see, when I think of Energy, I think of swirly, misty stuff. Or, sparkly, darty, starry stuff. Or, boundless enthusiasm from thought coming through physically and making me bounce!

It is indeed all these things and yet, we understand that you are not asking for kindergarten material?

I could go with that! Yet … continue.




But what is it?

Energy! You, in your world have words to label all that is. Therefore, we have to label this substance … ‘Energy.’

 Wait … is it an actual substance then?


Yet, you just called it a substance.

Because we have to use words. You are asking us to describe something that simply IS! There are no words for it.

Ok. Let’s come from another angle, shall we? When you say, for instance, that the energies pouring into our Planet at the moment are Higher and stronger than they have ever been … what does that mean … exactly?

We know you would answer as we would.

What? In that, it means exactly that … ‘They ARE stronger and Higher than they have ever been’.

Indeed. Yet, we do not wish to condescend. Let us suggest using the word ‘Power’.

ENERGY IS A POWER. You have Power that can be strong or weak. You have Power that can be fast or slow. Yes … we are happy with the word ‘Power’… for want of any other word that would suffice.


Who determines when and how much ‘Power’ pours through into our Planet?

It is by default.

Well that’s completely thrown me … even when I google it, to get the full meaning!

‘A preselected option adopted by a computer program or other mechanism when no alternative is specified by the user or programmer.’

This is the nearest we can assist. Because … it was prearranged/programmed (?) that when  those upon the Planet and indeed, the Planet herself, once again reached a certain calibration … Higher STRONGER ‘Power’ could filter through.

I am smiling at your analogy you just presented.

Of a washing machine … that is programmed to complete a cycle and within that cycle are different functions that follow on from one another. I.e. Detergent, hot rinse … when that is done, then a spin perhaps, etc. The functions take place automatically when the cycle reaches a certain trajectory

You sure on that one?

You understand?

I guess so!

What we are expressing is this similar path of automatic programming when the ‘cycle’ upon Earth has reached a certain ‘temperature’ … would we say?

So, these Energies/Powers are they actually tangible?

They can be FELT.

So, are they physical?

No. They are interdimensional, therefore, they are nonphysical. How can we help more?

By changing the subject?!

Upon your Planet you have a ‘Power plant’. It conducts Energy and ‘sends it forth’. Perhaps think of THE DIVINE SOURCE …

As a power plant? That sends out smog into our atmosphere … I think ‘Source’ would not be amused!

We think ‘Source’ has no concern of explanations that are trying to help one understand who and what they are!

I jest of course … continue.

So, this power plant is … shall we say … the mainstay … the ultimate ‘Power House’… and let us say, to serve this explanation, there is none more powerful. This Energy is then ‘sent out’ to many, many places, and as it filters out/through, it loses some of its original ‘Power’. This is inevitable.

Yet, this is not to say that it isn’t possible for Power Surges to be passed down the line… to give it a boost. To ‘amp it up’.

White Cloud often speaks of turning up your dimmer switch. This is what these surges of Energy/Power do. They ‘amp you up’! Yet, this can also have an initial effect of ‘Knocking one about a bit’. Sometimes, if one turns the volume up on a very efficient speaker … it distorts and deafens until it is finely tuned.

This is what is taking place upon your Planet and within you. These Higher Energies/Powers are inevitably being fine-tuned as they reach ‘Your frequency’.

The Higher frequencies that you have developed and settled within, are ready to be ‘joined by/with’ outside Energies/Powers that are of a Higher frequency than WHERE you have settled … and they need to come into balance to ‘Raise you up even Higher.’

It is part of the cycle … part of the plan.

Does this Energy have intelligence? Of course it does! What a stupid question!

Not so stupid. It has a magnetic intelligence, if you like.


Meaning that its ‘Power’ is pulled toward that which it is called upon.

To be honest, I don’t even know what ‘electromagnetic’ means, as mentioned in the original question. So, with all due respect, we are sort of screwed!

Continue to concentrate as hard as you are doing Blossom. We are making headway.

Don’t you mean if my head gets out the way! Back to magnetics then!

The magnetic altitude deciphers how Energy ‘plays’ … how it forms. It … attracts/pulls together … form. Simply by its frequency ON any ‘given matter’ … FOR any ‘given matter’.

Mmm! How does it travel … does it travel?

Not as such. For, as we say … It simply ‘IS’ … ‘EVERYWHERE’.

Therefore, for instance the Higher Energies/Power that we speak of pouring into your atmospherics … has not ‘travelled’ from afar! It was always ‘there’ … AS IS. Yet, has been … would we say … ‘infused’ … ‘amped up’ … to serve a Higher purpose … of itself!

Who infuses it? Who amps it up? And how?

Are you ready for this?

Probably not!

Who amps it up? Who infuses it?



Yes. Yet, we do not mean ‘Given an order’. We mean, as in placing an order.

I am confused! Surprize, surprize! I need to go back to it having intelligence.

We understand why. In that, you are wondering how Divine Intelligence is of the ultimate ENERGY POWER … therefore, how can it ‘only’ be of a magnetic intelligence and we would answer … because of the filtering from Source. It has to be ‘watered down’ so to speak.


Because Divine Energy, in/of/as/through, its ultimate level, if unfiltered, would fragment EVERYTHING into miniscule components due to its frequency.


We feel we should leave you with this amount to ‘ponder on’ … to absorb and see how it settles.

We feel too, that we should leave you with an input … a SURGE OF THE POWER … and we ask each one of you, who has partaken in this endeavour to understand something that is probably not understandable … to … take as many deep breaths as desired and FEEL OUR ENERGY … OUR POWER as we send it out to you … and it reaches into YOUR SOUL … YOUR ENERGY … YOUR POWER … Which is the very same as ours. Yet, at this stage of ‘The Game’ is Vibrating on a different frequency … And so it is.

And so it is, indeed. Phew! I’m still here. I haven’t exploded! Thank you my friends … for Being part of the magnificence of IT ALL.  In Love Light and the best understanding we can muster!


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

Please revisit The Invocation ‘We are the Game Changers’ whenever the mood takes you … to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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