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The Galactic Federation of Light via Inger Noren – Vaccines and Depopulation, June 28th, 2022

You recently received a message from us regarding vaccines and now we would like to give a little more information about this.

It has emerged that the new vaccines that have now been developed to combat omicron, which is the new variant of Covid. It has been said that it is not that serious but very contagious which is not really true. This virus is highly contagious and more serious than previously thought. Therefore, substances have been added to the vaccine for this virus with increasingly dangerous substances. Many are the people who are willing to take these vaccines with a belief in the government that they must be involved in the development of viruses and other serious diseases. What the government has not anticipated is that it is these people or creatures that are not pure humans who take these vaccines, which may mean that very many of the dark creatures that live on Earth in human form will be eliminated and therefore reduced in numbers compared to pure people.

It is a development that can be a strong reason why everything goes very much faster and humans can get a very big help from the light beings that exist in the Universe and that send a lot of light to humans to strengthen and encourage. Many light workers have also given of their light to the dark beings and which has resulted in these dark ones now helping humanity instead of harming and performing difficult acts. Love has such power of light and it is something that these dark ones have experienced with the light of the light workers instead of judging for the evil they have done.

The work of ascension has really progressed and more and more people have raised their awareness to the fourth dimension to eventually start living a different life that involves a different way of thinking and creating for themselves with a freedom that people have never experienced. earlier. This is what comes soon and much more of the miracles that occur with so much easier life for everyone. The strength is there and the intention to take the planet back is also there. Humans have shown that it is their planet and will bring many of the dark with them in their struggle for the planet. Never before has the love and respect for human intention been demonstrated – that this planet is something that everyone in the entire Universe will be able to partake of and enjoy in a collaboration between all the planets in this galaxy.

Galactic Light Federation

Many thanks and in love I earn. I AM