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The Hathors via Daniel Scranton, December 5th, 2023

Was Humanity More Evolved During Egyptian Times? ∞The 9D Hathors
was humanity more evolved during egyptian times - the 9d hathors - channeled by daniel scranton - channeler of aliens
Was Humanity More Evolved During Egyptian Times? ∞The 9D Hathors, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“We have arrived. We are The Hathors, and we are very happy to be here with all of you.

We know how much it has taken to get humanity to where you are today, because we were with you at the time of the great Egyptian Empire, and we were looking in on all of you for thousands of years prior to those interactions. We want you to know that you have grown exponentially as a collective consciousness since those times. You may think of those times as ones where humanity had evolved beyond where you are today, but that is not true. Those accomplishments were attained with a lot of help, and remember there still were those who were enslaved.

Now, of course you still have slavery there on planet Earth today, but not to the degree that you did during those times, and in fact most people would agree that enslaving another human being is not appropriate, not wanted, and it doesn’t feel good to even think about those who are enslaved. Now, we want to tell you about how far you’ve come, and we are using that as one of the measuring sticks for you, but there are many others. You have been able to clear so much out of your chakras from those other lifetimes of experiences, and you have been able to grow past those traumas. You have been able to actualize so much more 5D energy into your bodies, into your chakras, and into your minds as well.

You are able to tap in to technologies that heretofore were unavailable to you because of the ever-advancing consciousness of humanity. You don’t only get those technological advances because e.t.s hand them to you, or you find a downed spacecraft. You download them, you receive them, and you always receive what you are ready for and what is most appropriate for you to receive. Remember that when you look around at your world and you marvel at the technological advances that you can see and experience. You had to be ready for them, and you are readying yourselves for other changes and shifts in the way that you do things there on Earth, and that should not be scary to you, because everything is shifting to the better. 

You are constantly moving up the vibrational scale, and therefore you do not have to anticipate death and destruction to bring about great changes. You are seeing changes to your financial system without the need for financial collapse, yet so many still believe that it is necessary to have one or more. It is time for you to believe in yourselves, and it is easier for you to do that when you see yourselves as we see you. When you start to see yourselves as having come a very long way on your journey, then you can expect things to get better and not worse there on Earth, and you can enjoy the ride more.

But remember, always, you are creating the ride as well. You are choosing your timeline. You are choosing to align with a version of reality, whether you are doing so consciously or not. We suggest doing it consciously and asking yourselves the question of, ‘Is that the reality I want to vibrate into?’ Because you do get to choose, but it must be a choice that you make consciously in order to feel like it is something that you are vibrating consciously into. And when you do that, you feel more empowered, and you feel the truth of who you are as Creator Beings. And we are here to help. We’ve been helping; we will continue to help, and we know that all of you who are receive this message will continue to receive that help. 

We are The Hathors, we thank you, and we wish you a fond good day.”