Love is our new reality

The Master of the Kingdom of Crystals via Carina Davidsson, September 3d, 2020

The Master of the Kingdom of Crystals via Carina Davidsson, September 3d, 2020

Dear Light Creatures, dear people on earth,

Your energy increases change you on the inside, which means that you choose to change your lives through action on the outside. Your conditions for change on earth are constantly improving as the earth’s own energy increase affects you in a very positive way.

Incarnating in a time like this on earth is an infinite experience for yourself as a soul and all other incarnated souls on earth. Every little insight into change that you come to affects not only yourself but also those around you. In terms of energy, you are all connected and the changes you choose to create in your life have an impact on other souls’ energy when they think about what is happening and make new choices for their own part. Small changes in your life pass on to others, like dominoes, your changes continue to affect others far beyond yourself.

Your current energies are in a great phase of change that you all can feel in one way or another. Some of you have claimed your new higher energy to now completely let go of all the fears that pandemics and other things are affected by. You all have a Crystal Kingdom within you that you can choose to turn to when you so desire. Your Crystal Kingdom is an exact copy of the Crystal Kingdom that you have seen outside yourselves through your visualization, far up in the higher spheres.

Be aware that all the beautiful realms you have visited in your meditations are a part of yourself. They are available within yourself when you so wish. In fact, you have everything that the Universe contains as a copy of in your own energy and you choose when and where you want to put your focus.

Remember that you have chosen to incarnate in your human body because you have chosen to experience the solid dimension of the third dimension and the life that you can create with it. You have also chosen to be part of this ascension where you will be able to be aware of several of your dimensions at the same time. For example, when you become aware that you have the Kingdom of Crystal within yourself and can feel all the lovely feelings that are completely natural there, not least the enormous love that is there for yourself, you will be able to be in a very high energy dimension with your consciousness while you are aware of your life on earth in your human body at the energy level of the third dimension and your thoughts in your mental body which is in the fourth dimension.

Of course you have some problems getting adjusted to your human life when you open up to this new reality within you, but when you have acclimatized to your new reality, your life will change as it will be easy and simple for you to make new choices on earth, in the the physical form of the third dimension, but based on your consciousness in a higher dimension. All the dimensions that you are in at the same time, from the third and upwards, will be part of your new life, so continue to be grateful and nurture your beautiful body and your mental mind.

Your new choices based on the higher dimensions will be filled with love for yourself. When you radiate your energy on earth by showing others that you can create a fantastic life for yourself, you will spread joy around you. You will vibrate with a high vibration within you and you will lead it out on earth through your beautiful actions for yourselves. As you create a lovely life based on your high-dimensional feelings, you will become more and more loving as a human being and happy to reach out to those who need your help.

Your experiences of the higher dimensions within yourself will shift your focus in different ways. Maybe you are now thinking that when you come to the new insights that a higher consciousness brings, you should create a life that looks a certain way. Some of you will realize these dreams exactly as you are thinking right now but many of you will change your perception of what is important in life and choose to create something else. As an example, we know that many of you place great emphasis and love on the food you eat on earth. In the absence of inner love, you have found a love of food that has given you joy in the dimension of consciousness where you have been. With a higher consciousness, many of you will let go of food as a loving experience. You will eat the food that your body needs to function and feel good, but you will not eat because it is fun, nice or because you simply can not think of anything else to do. No, in a higher state of consciousness you will be full of loving yourself and feeling all the lovely feelings that are within you. You will simply lose interest in food as a great and important experience on earth.

Powerful energy rises are taking place on earth. Pandemics, violence and misery are shaking the world to help with the recalibration that is now a natural part of physical life on earth in this energy transition. The life you experienced before the pandemic broke out will not return in exactly the same way it was required to restore order on earth to a higher consciousness. Not everyone on earth will be aware that the earth has changed when the pandemic is over, but you will know and feel that you have many new choices that you previously could not transform into physical form if the pandemic did not lead to all these upheavals that have taken place.

Be at peace dear friends. You are all creators of your own existence and by going within you and seeking the higher consciousness in the higher realms that you all have access to, you will easily and simply enter your new fine paths to a new life on earth. We are with you if you so wish.