Love is our new reality

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The Office of Poofness by ZAP, June 19, 2016

The Office of Poofness: Love Without End, June 19, 2016

poof 1All is unfolding ever faster in a magnificent way, and the new avenues are abundant in response to the dire needs of the many. As the demand for accountability, responsibility and loyalty is ever increasing there are many more subtle changes at work then you have time for or need to burden your head with.

The witnessing will be sporadic but clearly it will be there. Money? Yes, the money is in the works. Now don’t argue with that — The typical blocks are always in the middle of things but the movement has made much progress and the times they are a’changing.

And, yes, there are new avenues opening and some of the people who have been hindering this whole thing are being removed and, yes, arrested, and others are being nudged to get out of the way and others are changing the side of the stream [street?] they choose to work.

The amazing piece of all of this is that you continued to hold the faith up and to the forefront and it is now working forward into physical reality – that has to happen. (1) There has to be constant faith (2) and there have to be people who stop the mad-hatter (3) and get on with being available to be the resources for the work.

There is great work lying ahead of you and not enough people to do the details and as you know the devil is in the details. That has been the case for a long time with all of the planned expansion of goodness and compassion, of contributions and management of all resources…

Now go forth and do the work that only the boots on the ground can do. The timing is better and as fewer distractions are in place, the opportunity for sufficient focus is wide open.

The needs of the masses are overriding all else. (4) There are many souls who do not seek to leave but see few other choices available at this time. Just be aware and be alert and do what you can wherever you are… it is all noted.

The love and the devotion that the Earth crew has been holding has been very worthwhile, far greater then you can ever imagine in your wildest and widest dreams. You do hold the key to the management of your intentions. … The loaf of bread, now becoming filled with potential, is quite high…P…


(1) The creation starts on the etheric plane and manifests later in the physical plane, the timing of which is determined by the intensity of the desire. Once sufficient energy has been reached on the etheric plane for the creation, it must materialize.

(2) A loss of faith can stall the manifestation or slow it down.

(3) Let go of the drama of Third Dimensionality.

(4) How would we attend to the needs of the masses? Is someone asking the question? Are coordinators and managers looking into how this could be coordinated and achieved after the Reval?