Love is our new reality

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The One via Galaxygirl | November 5, 2022

The One via Galaxygirl | November 5, 2022

The One 11/5/2022

We are a group of interdimensional, interplanetary peacekeepers. We are keepers of the gates where the realms intersect. We have not come through to your reality before and depending on how this goes we may or may not wish to add our voice into the cacophony of intensity for we are always in flux. We are interdimensional, time travelers and our time loops are not as predictable as one would expect from your linearity, from your point of view. Although you are beginning to realize the holographic time matrix of disillusion that you are all subjugated to, but in reality your world is very much like pixels of time, pixels of moments of thoughts and of course of intentions that are then brought into the fruition within this planetary interdisciplinary realm of thought becoming creation.

We are The One. We are scientists, time travelers. We are from all races and places, a group mind of intention to purify the realm from any who would deviate from the oneness and the light that we are pledged into alliance with. Some of us are AI and some of us are humanoid. We are absolutely certain that your planetary system is destined for ascension, for success for the light is ever in motion and the love that is emanating from all of us and from your many myriads of teams and galactics is substantial but not as substantial without the love of those of you who are in the midst of grounding the codes.

We are sorry, there was static, we are continuing. Are we clear? (I am seeing statics of time portals like pixels that are interdimensional and there is a lot of zapping and zinging as the frequencies are pinging around. I have never received a message like this before. My typing is jerky, like popcorn as pixels are popping in and out of this reality as they are all speaking from different locations as they pop in and out in different reality overlays. Each word is a different voice from a time or moment window.)

Yes, galaxygirl. We are securing an additional security layer of interplanetary vortexes. For the universe is like an intensely complex map of portals, wormholes, vortexes and leylines. You may or may not understand for we are aware of the suppression of mystical and scientific knowledge on your planet – you may or may not be aware of the leylines and of their significance. Well, there are interplanetary leylines as well and if you study or devote time to the movement of the cosmos, the lines and vortexes matter. We are securing them from hijacking, from any misuse. We are of a less dense form and such travel is harmless, effortless for us. We are securing the dots and we assure you that the time is near.

(I am seeing a simple childlike connect the dot drawing, where the dots are all connecting in order. Now I am seeing mathematical intersecting formulas, tangental calculus of some kind and math that I am not familiar with. It is interdimensional, it is moving and it is all showing momentum of a grand event. I am seeing the formulas line up forming a giant arrow heading towards earth.) Yes, not only are the planets lining up for the grand event, but also we see the chakras and hearts of humans, more of them, lighting up and lining up. Many of you are shut off or blocked in one or several areas. We see this as a matter to be attended to with great care and love. More care of the self and love of yourselves is needed. Allow the time for inner nurturing. Your world is about to appear to descend into utter chaos. The vortexes are in alignment for great change. The stronghold is removed. It must appear this way so that the ascension may occur. The great awakening is here.

We are The One. We are a group of many who have pledged to the success of earth, of this mission and project. We are aligned with the light and with the science and bravery behind this mission. We are assisting with an additional grid overlay of the interplanetary leylines and linking up with the star matrix of light. We do not use the word matrix negatively. We use it figuratively, for all is interconnected. Fractals of fractals, Fibonacci sequences of sequences, mathematical precision divinely guided. We marvel at the mathematical wisdom of the divine. Earth is in a very strategic point of this intergalactic junction point and she affects us all. Some of us are from other realities and other futures that have been affected somewhat negatively from the interdimensional horror of the occurrences here and it has spread like a cancer. This is all being healed. We are serving as intergalactic healers and mediators for on behalf of our communities and realities. When earth ascends all will be effected with great light and hope for the future.

We are The One. We are many who love earth, and in defense of our own communities and futures we have sworn to protect this mission of Ascension Gaia. We assure you that this is ultimately successful. We are tightening the screws if you will to make the vortexes and interplanetary leylines iron clad to ensure complete and total success.

We are The One. We are the many serving the plan of the divine light and we wish for those reading our interdimensional matrix code to feel and understand our compassion and love for you. We are soldiers of our times and places. We acknowledge the soldiers hearts that are required for our ground crew who have tirelessly trudged through unspeakable times and atrocities that have been committed again and again against your planet and your people. You will soon know more of this and many will lose heart. But you must not. We are depending on your strength of character and tenacity of will. We wish for you to know, soldier to soldier, how much we appreciate your work.

We are the intergalactic security detail of mathematical calculations and leyline management. We were unsure what to call our group mind tonight with this message, it has been interesting to inter-pixilate these words and we feel like this has been a success. You may hear from us again.

We are The One. Peace, friends. The light is very near now and we see it is well established on your ground by you. Well done. Prepare for change. It is unstoppable now. We are The One.

~ galaxygirl