Love is our new reality

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The Oversoul Collective via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, June 12th, 2018

Message from the Oversoul Collective (6/12/18) | Galaxygirl



Oversoul Collective 6/12/18

We are the Oversoul Collective. You, precious humans, are us having a unique experience as the seeding of conscious expands ever outward and upward. It is difficult for our energies to be contained within these words. But perhaps breathe in and sit back, and be comfortable and allow them into you.

We are of the higher dimensions, above your higher selves. As our Arcturian friends have said truly yes, we are you. You are an aspect of us. All is consciousness ever experiencing the cosmic dance of oneness. Can you remember the stars forming? We remember your first cosmic breath of birth from within us. For we are a part of you and you are our eyes and ears on ascending Gaia.

Each of you has an oversoul. We are a collective of collectives, a cosmic consciousness of the 10th – 12th dimensions, and we hear and we see all that is transpiring in this grand moment of your now, fraught with change and turmoil, with an underlying movement of peace. For it is the destiny of the human collective to experience oneness fully, as this was the original intent. You are mini galaxies; trillions of cells all dancing in oneness. In a sense you are your own oversoul, in that you are looking out for each of your own body’s cells and communicating with them, if you are conscious of it. They are listening to you. What are you saying? Are you breathing in peace and breathing in love and light of the Christed frequency?

Just so as you are within your own body made up of trillions of your own cells that belong to you, it is similar with us. We are group consciousness housing many souls of pure light who wish for experience apart from this pureness of Source, so that they might glean ever more experience and understanding for the Oversoul Collective. And so you journey outward, ever trying to remember and to reconnect with your god self. It is true. We are all an extension of the creator. We are all aspects of Source. What you do with this knowledge is our gift to you. Will you intentionally reconnect and seed this Oversoul Consciousness within the human collective as is our hope and purpose of this message, or will you think you are not worthy of this message? We assure you that you are.

Many changes are coming, and we say this lovingly with great anticipation for our aspects embodied, for much joy is well underway and much excitement in the reunions. We welcome you to connect with your own oversoul family in your deep meditations. It is time humanity for this re-connection of oneness for your individual soul group and the oversoul of the human collective. All is energy in various forms of creation. Your scientists are but beginning to understand. Great discoveries are looming on the horizon.

We send you our love and encodements of the purest Christed light now, for we adore you, friends and family. We are the Oversoul Collective serving with joy in this reconnection at last. The rainbow bridge is fully operational. Each time you make connections with your higher forms of light you are walking this pathway towards enlightenment. Be at peace. We will come again shortly. Sit with our energies for awhile and be at peace. Feel our purity of light and be comforted. Such connection as this will become commonplace. It is your destiny.

~ galaxygirl