Love is our new reality

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The Pleiadians via Ann Marie, June 2nd, 2018

The light is with you. Even in the dark, the light is with you burning a path for you to follow. The darkness is nothing to fear. It is just the other side of the light. It is necessary to understand both.

An understanding may be gleaned by examining the contents of your mind. Your mind holds many answers to blurred questions. Self-examination can be a painful process—emotionally painful—but will allow you to transcend blockages preventing you from achieving your full potential.

You must continue to move forward. Shine your light. The reason you hesitate is because you instinctively know there will be a degree of unpleasantness. You must overcome the hesitation. You must do the work. You must confront it so you may find peace. We are with you. There is no danger.

Illumination can only come when we uncover the darkness. Have the courage to shine your light. It will be worth the pain.

”There’s not a person on Earth who doesn’t have this work to do. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here.” (Me)

That is correct.