Love is our new reality

The Pleiadians via Ann Marie, May 25th, 2018

This is a great undertaking. You are beginning to understand the scope of reach and the impeccable timing. This is no random event. It has been meticulously planned for a very long time, in your terms. It is a coordinated effort involving an army of spirits representing love and light. This will be incredibly transformational on many levels, elevating human consciousness. It is what we are working towards.

It is an event which will be in the best interest of the greater good. It is a step toward enlightenment, a step toward the evolution of the soul. We are approaching a new level of understanding between all who exist not just on this plane, but a universal understanding involving energies on other planes of existence. It is a unification of consciousness and understanding and acceptance among all.

It is our story of oneness.

”It sounds so nice.” (Me)

It will be.