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The Pleiadians Via Christine Day, November 4, 2023

The Pleiadians Via Christine Day: November Message


Beloved ones we greet you,

There are higher currents of pure light structures that are entering our resident Universe at this very juncture of time. These are arising from the higher consciousness states of existence coming directly from the God Seat of Power. They arise and flow with total consciousness, reaching to transform while they touch all lifeforce groups that exist within the entire Universal planes. We, the Pleiadians, as part of the Universal community, are collectively being expanded, held by these elevated light structures of consciousness.

A further role that these light structures are playing is to bring an intensity of light that is designed to deeply impact your earth plane. The light structures will begin to create a systematic eradication of the built up, old dense frequencies that have been held in place within the atmosphere of your planet. This density was placed throughout your planet’s aura many eons ago and was to function by holding Earth in a cycled pattern of limitation, of illusion and to successfully bring you into a full human experience. The time has come for the lifting of these many veils on Earth.

You are being liberated from the vast density that has been holding in place the many aspects of illusion within Earth. The heaviness of these dense frequencies within your planet has formed the many structures of illusion that have kept humanity locked within this limited perception of truth within themselves.

Simultaneously the action of these higher light structures within the rest of the Universe are creating a vast shift within the vibrational light strands that make up the entire Universal platform. This Platforms role is to interweave a higher consciousness resonance within the Universal planes. This resonance is allowing a higher consciousness space to become resurrected throughout all communities that have existed within all the multidimensional alternate reality spaces in this resident Universe.

Remember, as residents of Earth you have always been a part of this vast community within our resident Universe. Now this is your time to begin to open your awareness on another level and begin to see and understand the bigger picture in which you live. In truth, within the realms of your existence, beyond the illusionary veils, Earth has always been a natural extension of this Universe.

You are being called to consciously rejoin an energetic Platform that you have always been a part. Seeing yourself, claiming ownership of your place by consciously, actively energetically engaging within the collective community of this Universe.

Through your own multidimensional Heart, you can begin to return Home. You are pre-destined to experience the bigger picture of your world that exists beyond your planet Earth and to re-engage within our collective Universe. Within the stillness of your own Heart can you fully receive direct communion communications from the Universal realms. You have the natural ability to interact with your Galactic brothers and sisters who collectively makeup the Universe.

Developing your alignment to your individual Heart frequency is an essential first step to your conscious returning. A conscious choice by you, taking your place once more within our resident Universe. Know that you have a unique vibrational pulse that is constantly emanating from your Heart cells. As you consciously align to your Heart, your Heart’s pulse activates. Each time you link consciously to your Heart you create an expansion of your pulse, this is an automatic process,

Your Heart’s pulse flows outwards, influencing the entire Universal framework. As your pulse is received, the Universal framework can expand its capacity further. You are recognized and received within the Universal consciousness by your unique vibration pulse. Know that you have a specific position within the Universal structures. The entire multidimensional structure can be likened to a vast sacred Mandala, as you enter your place within the Mandala there is a completion energy that is self- realized in that moment.

As your unique pulse enters this structure your individual place within the Mandala illuminates, becomes further expressed on a multidimensional level every time. There is an automatic linking and resonating light, which transmits back from the Mandala to your Heart’s cells.

These linking moments that are activated by you become accumulative. Each time you take another conscious moment to link within your Heart, your Hearts vibrational pulse expands further and the link to your place within the Mandala illuminates further.

With the lifting of these dense veils within your Earth’s atmosphere the heavy burdens of illusion dissolve across the earth plane. The Scahndahlah effect consciousness has been responsible for this accelerated shift to be able to take place now within Earth. This rare consciousness has been instrumental in preparing you to take these next huge steps forward.

This is the time to begin preparations within yourself. To take the time to create as many individual moment’s aligning within your Heart. Remember your Heart is your true guiding light, your compass for this lifetime. Return to yourself through your Heart and choose to participate, to allow a re-launching of your Being. Enabling the light of your Being to re-anchor within the cells of your physical body.


Bring both palms to rest on your physical upper chest.

Align your awareness to both your palms that are resting on your chest. You achieve this by feeling the warmth of your hands or physical pressure on your chest. Hold your awareness there while taking a Conscious breath, in the mouth and then releasing out the mouth. Place this breath like a soft wind right into the connection. Do this a number of times until you feel see or sense of a connection with your Heart.

Place the sacred sound, SHAHNNN…. (pronounced sharn..) in your Heart space. Do this three times. Your sound of SHAHNNN.. is recognized by your Heart cells. Feel see or sense how your Heart space is responding. You may feel fluidity, light, color, heat, cold or something else.

Hold your awareness on what you perceive here, this is your Heart. Place a Conscious breath into your experience. Bring your sound, SHAHNNN… once more within the space, take a conscious breath and let go…

You can utilize this sound as often as you feel, take the Conscious breath as many times as you feel.

Note: You can work with this process for as long as you wish, as many times during the day that you feel is right for you. Every time you do this process you are creating inner change.

As you get closer to your calendar New Year there is going to be a further shift, an acceleration of light consciousness opening across your earth plane. During the last sunset of your calendar year there is going to be generated a series of higher consciousness multidimensional light flows released into your Heart.

These flows will generate a gateway to open within the space of your multidimensional sacred Heart. Great change, transmutation will take place during this very sacred time as the descending Sun’s rays release pure forms of returning sacred communion frequencies throughout your systems. Receiving, remembering and reunion to Self.

This happening will herald in the next phase of ‘the New Dawning’ on planet Earth.

We witness you as you birth.


The Pleiadians