Love is our new reality

The Pleiadians via Helena Öhrström, July 15th, 2018


Love is a word for you Earthlings that is used for many things. For us Pleiadians it is energy – A strongly vibrating energy, that has a power that cannot be compared to anything else. Love is the most powerful energy that you human children have on your Earth. Do not be afraid of this power. Many of you are afraid of the power of love and choose other ways. Here from this dimension it looks completely wrong, yes completely crazy. Sometimes you take long detours in order to avoid the wings of love.


You choose loneliness and separation

You choose war

You choose drugs

You choose fear

You choose sorrow

You choose oppression

You choose power

You choose violence

You choose disease


The list can be made very long, from all the things you choose in the darkness instead of love. We are telling you that the era of love has arrived and everything else that you choose will slowly die. Love is also the power that eventually will win in the war that you human children have within you and outside in your world.


We want to encourage you to choose:

Love for yourself

Love for your children

Love for your neighbor

Love for the animals, nature and yes, your whole Earth.


Energy of love vibrates and provides gratitude that reached out to eternity. To choose love is to choose life, peace on Earth, health and a future that is light for children, Earth and the Universe. Love penetrates the hard shell that needs to be peeled off. The shell cracks, fall off and out you are now born – you beautiful human children in the most beautiful color and shining light vibrating in love, light and peace. We love you and send love light and peace.

Dear children, let nothing stop you from reaching the love. Let all your blockages and fears become visible so that you can let go of what is stopping you from feeling and being in the energy of love. Let the old die.


Greetings from the Pleiadians


Channel: Helena Öhrström/Star Dragonheart



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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